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lucid crossroads is changing


Info about how you can offer your help with the Lucid Crossroads project and a short bio on the webmaster.. errr thats me :¬)
Updates about the site and revamp of the new Crossroads with a map of the area and descriptions of the new dream doors to be installed.
lucid learning

Here you can find out what a lucid dream actually is, short answer being a any dream is which you become aware that you are actually having a dream. The page goes onto describe just how real a lucid dream can be, this varies between low and high but high can feel just as real as waking life! I describe the levels of lucidity and go onto to recount how your first lucid dream might feel like. You'll find out what you can do when you are lucid (anything), find out anyone can do it and look into any safety issues.

science of lucids

This section is used to explain a little of the science and history behind lucid dreaming as well as talking about dream guides and what they are.

This page addresses issues about, the Crossroads experiment, my own shared dream, thoughts about psi/paranormal, scientific proof, why the Crossroads might work and how do I confirm a shared dream?

how its done page

This sections tells you how by using Dream Diaries and explains the methods like W.I.L.D, M.I.L.D and reality checks, its illustrated to make all this easier. You also learn how to keep your lucid dream stable once you get them and how to get your level of lucidity higher. The bottom of the page is where you can read about lucid dreams at the Crossroads and other examples of lucid dreams experienced by a variety of people.

WILD Technique Wake Initiated Lucid Dream (WILD) WILD man! Don't let anyone tell you that WILDs aren't the holy grail of lucid dreaming. In a nut shell you lay down on your bed or in a comfy chair, close your eyes, relax, go through the WILD process and your there! Click left to see a full page illustrated guide with animation on how to WILD.
the gatekeeper The Gatekeeper technique is based on an combination of different techniques that have worked for me over the years but it is most firmly based on WILD and Buddhist clear light practices. Click left to see a full page illustrated guide with animation to teach you the gatekeeper technique.
astral projection page

Learn about this controversial subject that exists on the fringes of science and study, its differences to lucid dreaming etc. There is a description of the different planes you can travel to and an energy raising exercise with diagram.

crossroads guides

The Lucid Crossroads Guides and Sleep Paralysis. This page details the phenomenon known as old hag and also teaches you how to turn this nightmare to your advantage in order to summon a Lucid Crossroads guide.

Getting to us - Click left for directions to the calm and tranquil space that is the Lucid Crossroads.

Description 1 - Click left to read page 1 in a description of what it can be like to visit the Lucid Crossroads whilst lucid. Here we will visually and textually illustrate the Crossroads stimulating your mind into remembering all you see so you can visit when lucid.

Description 2 - Click left to see and read page 2 about what it can be like to visit the Lucid Crossroads whilst lucid.

Description 3 - Click left to see and read page 3 about what it can be like to visit the Lucid Crossroads whilst lucid.

Crossroad dreams Examples of lucid dreams experienced at the Lucid Crossroads and beyond.
links page Links to lucid dreaming and astral projection sites/forums and chat all over the web. You can sign the dreamguest book here, there are search engines and a lunar graphic to show the moons phase. This is a great page to make your homepage which will prime your brain for lucidity do to its "Am I dreaming?" caption at the top and in the full screen image.
downloads page Here you can find all the downloads from the Lucid Crossroads, these include images of the Crossroads a quicktime movie etc. There is also a link to download a really good dream diary. I'm also using this page to ask for help with translations etc.
mayan dreamspell

This is an extra page added to inform lucid dreamers about the Mayan Dreamspell Calendar. This is an ancient Mayan calendar that was interpreted by Jose Arguelles. The Tzolkin is the main calendar and comes to an end in 2012! This is not suppose to be the end of the world but will actually herald a new age free from time as we know it. The page has a link to a convertor that turns your birth date into a Mayan star sign. It also has rough interpretations of your sign and links to many other sites involving the Maya on the web.

transhumanism and the singularity Another new page at the Lucid Crossroads, a short guide to transhumanism and the H+ future.
The Lucid Crossroads has expanded, click left to visit the Lucid Dojo a specially created area for lucid martial arts. You can also get to it via the Lucid Crossroads description pages which have been updated to include the new addtion.

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