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Welcome to the Lucid Dojo

This is a shared dreaming space for all martial artists to be able to practice whilst in a lucid dream state


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You may like your normal dreams when you have them but "Lucid Dreams" ........ lucid dreams can be as "real" as, or "more" real, than the life your experiencing at the moment! This site will help you get there.

This is your first stop if you've never been lucid before, even if you are a regular lucid dreamer there might be some interesting tips here. Here you'll be able to find out what its going to feel like when your lucid and how it might be a benefit to your waking martial training.
asleep The Lucid Dojo is a place for all martial artists to practice their art when dreaming! A lucid dream is NOT a normal "vivid dream" but a dream where the dreamer realize they are asleep and dreaming. The mind then becomes awake and reconnects with most of its waking functions like memory etc.
The awake brain is now attached to a sleeping body with its attendant senses suppressed, this is not a state the brain thinks of as normal and it attempts to compensate by giving the dreamer the extremely realistic illusion of being fully awake.

You are now able to see, touch and interact with the dream environment you mind has created. In our case we can practice our martial arts the brain will still send the impulses from the brain to tell the limbs to move but sleep paralysis stops the actual limbs from moving. The lucid dream stands out in your mind just like a real memory after waking and the twitching of your real muscles in sleep will have gained a level of muscle memory

The below images give a flavor of the Lucid Dojo, the pages will textually and visually illustrate the dream space that is the Lucid Dojo. This will prime your mind to be able to recreate the Dojo in your lucid dream.

how to visit the dojo

Click above for Page1 in the description about the how to reach the lucid dojo and what it will look like when you get there.

how to visit the dojo2 fairground thumbblue eagle doordojo view thumb

Click above for Page2 in the description and part 2 about how to reach the lucid dojo.

dojo equipment back kick thumbpads thumbwepons boxes

Click above for Page3 in the description all about the equipment available to train with when you reach the lucid dojo.

people in the dojo Aikido class thumbstart fight thumbground fight

Click above for Page4 in the description which talks about who you might find at the dojo in order to train your skills.

to the crossroads up stairs thumb

Click above for Page5 in the description which describes how you can leave the dojo and visit the Lucid Crossroads.



As far as I can tell one of the best groups of people with potential for lucid dreaming are martial artists. They are dedicated learners some taking life times to learn their skills.

Also although cultivating full body control most martial artists place great stress on being mentally prepared and disciplined, able to have good control over the mind either emotions or feedback from the body. Further regular practicing together makes them great candidates for shared lucid dreaming (meeting up in dreams) which is also a major feature of this site and its parent site the Lucid Crossroads.


dojo site map The quick guide to lucid dreaming and Lucid Dojos site map
dojo downloads Movies to be here in time but for now views of the Dojo are here for you to download either for print out or for your desktop as a reminder to join us to train at the Lucid Dojo.
lucid links Links to those Dojos that have helped in the construction of this dream dojo and other useful dreaming links on the internet. This is also where you can see how the images on this site were created.
lucid crossroads Here is the homepage of the parent site to the Lucid Dojo, the Lucid Crossroads, a shared dream space and hub of the dream world where you can choose the lucid dream of your choice via the lucid dream doors.


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Enjoy your time in The Lucid Dojo dreamer

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This site was Created on 17/03/2003 but was dreamed quite a few months before.

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