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Summary of how to become lucid and site map

Quick guide to how to become lucid and a site map.


lucid crossroads is changing

Make a dream journal ~ Reach for pen and paper when the alarm wakes you, don't go back to sleep for 5 minutes write down the last dream you were having, try to recall all the details you can. As your getting up and getting ready for the day go over the dream, the places and people in that dream and how you felt in the dream itself. If you do this everyday your dreams will become more real rich and interesting Just keeping a dream diary and knowing that lucidity exists can make you pop into a lucid state whilst asleep.

Dream signs ~ Look for the odd things in dreams, some of the classics can be that electric devices can not work (but sometimes they can). Light switches are a classic example. You'll find it very difficult to read in a dream, and the same when you're lucid. That is because language is processed in the left part of your brain and dreaming is a right brain activity. When you look away and look back at an object/person or scene does it change when you look back again?

You might have noticed the flaw in this reasoning: "Most things are odd in dreams". what you need to do is force yourself to test yourself when dreaming, in which case you need REALITY CHECKS, see below.


Reality checks are the starter motor of lucid dreaming, if you can't question the reality of what's happening around you in your dreams then you'll never get lucid. But how do you remember to check reality when you're dreaming? Well, most lucid dreamers use techniques like looking at their hands during the day then asking the question (out loud or in your head), "Am I dreaming?" The theory is, if you do this enough during the day, when you dream, you will glance at your hands and then the phrase "am I dreaming?" will pop into your head! Bingo. You get lucid. If you ask yourself enough times in the day "am I dreaming" and then check you'll ask it in a dream.

Read all about lucidity or watch a film ~ The the main sections of this site about lucid dreaming and goto the links page and read other websites. Saving one of the images onto your desktop or printing them out will remind your brain when you see it (I will have a Lucid Dojo download section soon). There are some good movies around to do with lucid dreaming at the moment, "Waking Life" and "Vanilla Sky", I think I must have been the last lucid dreaming in the world to have finally viewed them but Waking Life in particular is worth the watch.


This is your first stop if you've never been lucid before, even if you are a regular lucid dreamer there might be some interesting tips here. Here you'll be able to find out what its going to feel like when your lucid and how it might be a benefit to your waking martial training.
This is the second part of the learning section it will tell you in depth how to lucid dream and more inportantly how to have a high lucid dream.
All about the lucid dojo and where it sits in the dream space of the Lucid Crossroads
How you go about finding the Lucid Dojo via the dream doors
The equipment and facilities that are included in the Lucid Dojo
Discription of the people and groups of people you might meet in the Dojo
Shows how you can walk up the dojo steps and visit the Lucid
Movies to be here in time but for now views of the Dojo are here for you to download either for print out or for your desktop as a reminder to join us to train at the Lucid Dojo.
Links to those Dojos that have helped in the construction of this dream dojo and other useful dreaming links on the internet. This is also where you can see how the images on this site were created.



Enjoy your time in The Lucid Dojo dreamer

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