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This page will deal with what lucidity can be look like, feel like and how it can be of benifit to you, to learn eactly how to get lucid and have the dream you want see Page 2 how to lucid dream.

Before I continue I have to get you to check if you are dreaming or awake. This might sound completely insane, of course your awake if your reading this and understanding the words and sentences on the page. Stupid as its sounds you could have read this page during the day and right this second be fast asleep in your bed! This is just how real a lucid dream can be, actually reading is one of the most difficult activities to undertake whilst lucid but it still is possible. Actually anytime you find yourself thinking about this site you need to perform what is called a reality check we'll start to learn about reality checks later on the next page.

Is this just Newage claptrap? No, lucid dreaming was proved by a scientist called Stephen LaBerge. Go here to check out the hard facts of the science but the summary is, yes its real. When you sleep you body is in paralysis to stop you hurting yourself, actually your eyes are the only things not paralyzed. Using this LaBerge got his Lucid dreamers who were hooked upto monitoring systems to check sleep patterns to signal when they became lucid by using a set eye movements, up twice followed by down three times or something like that. It could clearly be seen that although the subject displayed the classic symptoms of being asleep they were also showing levels that indicated that the brain was in an awake state.

Ok whats it got to do with the martial arts? Ok this isn't some amazing method of learning or vastly improving your martial skills whilst sleeping, without doing regular "hard" work with a good teacher, nothing can replace real training and the real situations you may have to use your art for in life. It is however, a natural skill we can "all" access, that "can" help to build on our day time training and provide situations where your skills can be pressure tested.

Three main Points that make lucid dreaming a useful skill for a martial artist :-

1. The receptors that make the muscles move are suppressed in sleep, otherwise you'd be all over the place whilst asleep but the brain still fires the nerves and the muscles attempt to move (which is why you can twitch in your sleep or why dogs do that twitchy running after cats motion in their sleep). This is building muscle memory which is useful in all martial arts, in fact the repetitive nature of the arts is based on this fact.


2. Lucid dreaming can tap into all the memories and fragments of memories you never knew you had. I can't remember every move shown and word my sensei has ever uttered but somewhere in my brain the information is likely to exist. Dream Characters ((DC's) Lucid dream people)) in your lucid dream could be used to tap into this knowledge by playing out the forms you may wish to study. For example I've not seen the the advanced black belt kata Suparinpei performed live, but I think I "might" have seen the kata on a video and I remember seeing my sensei saying a few things about the kata and showing a move or two but I can't recall anything about the form at all. I'd be willing to bet that a dream character of my'n could perform the full kata from the stored memory of the video and other information, I might be able to do some of the moves myself whilst in a lucid dream. I'm just using this as a difficult example, if I we were talking a lower form of kata like Gekisai dai Ichi, the form would be perfectly executed by my DC's and I would have lots of memories to draw on..

3. Your buried subconscious memories can be organized in new ways. How many artists or scientists have made a break through after a short nap? This is partly due to the seemingly chaotic nature of dreaming and the fact that random unassociated facts and memories may be combined together. In the same way, it might occur to you how you need to refine your technique, (useful if you've reached a plateau in your style). In extreme examples you might come up with a whole new kata or way of moving etc like one of the founders of my style GoJu ryu who was shown a kata I practice by a man in a dream (sounds like a lucid dream to me).

On the right a dreamer and her DC (Dream Character) teacher performing moves from White Crane Kung Fu in the Lucid Dojo

How real can this lucidity feel and look? There are differing levels of the lucid state, for what we want to do I will try and describe how to reach the highest states in the next page. In the high states everything can look extremely real and usually pin sharp like the image in the lucid dojo right.

The sensations in a lucid dream really depend on what your focused on in a particular time, its a bit like how the sounds of everyday like the ticking of a clock can disappear when your mind is focused on a good book. You might not be thinking about the warmth of the sun on your skin but as soon as you think about it you notice the sensation in complete reality.

In the how to to section coming up I'm going to describe how to get to a high lucid state where you'll replicate the feelings in your waking life dojo. You are probably going to be far quicker and reactive in your lucid state than in your dojo and you'll feel extremely connected with your body and the feedback you get from it.


Opponents ~ Its hard to say how good your opponents will be, if you wish to spar or fight against someone. Much of what goes on in lucidity is related to our beliefs in everyday life, so although you might find it easy to out wit and overcome a low rank representation from your own dojo your mind is very likely to have great respect for the higher ranks. Your own instructor perhaps being almost the most difficult apart from the dead masters who in your mind I imagine approach mythical levels of skill and who if you wish you might be able to summon into your lucid dream.

Pain!!! ~ Lucid dream experiences are based mostly on real life experiences and expectations, this is key to the level of pain you might expect to feel in your lucid.

For those who haven't experienced your windpipe being encircled in a vice like grip whilst your body is off balance and your attacking arm useless, it quite frankly isn't pleasant. I was actually lucid this morning, in my last three lucids I've tried to observe and remember the feelings and sights of being lucid so it could help enrich this website. Anyway I was on this boat with an attractive woman and I remembered I should try and get to the Lucid Dojo but my mind was a bit split after all the woman was "very" attractive.

I'm not sure if this triggered her to flick kick me where it hurts but I do know that next time I'll not linger on two opposing thoughts like attractive women and karate practice again. It felt very very real and although in my real dojo were not suppose to show the pain I decided as I was dreaming it would be fine to have a bit of a yelp, which I think was the thing that woke me up in my bed.


Can it be dangerous? Dreams can have very dangerous themes and experiences but we all wake up, but what about lucid dreaming? Imagine the following and remember how real lucid dreaming can seem.

Facing you the man with two mean looking butterfly knives in each hand bows an acknowledgment and assumes a fighting stance. You look to your own hands and see you are holding a Jo, a short hard wood staff. You'd have preferred to have been better armed for such an exercise when you walked from the dream you became lucid in, but never mind your just keen to get started.

With that thought your opponent attacks, his face is a still mask unlike the whirling blades. His movements are blindingly quick but they are matched by your body evasions, parries and attacks.

The hard wood of the Jo stands upto a good few hits before you decide to take this contest to its conclusion. Angling the staff you create an opening to your opponent, in a flash he's there taking your bait. You pivot and push off the floor driving the opposite end of the Jo round and up towards his jaw......Your heart skips a beat as you realize he's read your move and with a nano second of time to spare you only just manage a desperate defense.

"Crack"! The Jo splinters and in seemingly slow motion spins away, abstractly you think he only managed to second guess you because he's constructed from your own mind. Your opponent smiles and then he slowly he begins to advance again, the blades menacingly weave around his body and get ever closer by the second.....


OK, I know very dramatic and maybe you can handle a guy with two butterfly knives, when your unarmed without getting cut, but what if you can't? Hmmm well to be honest I don't really know, I have been attacked with swords in a lucid dream before and although I felt the impact but it didn't hurt. At the time I wasn't interested in the zombie Yankee soldiers as much as something else in the distance and I was in a low lucid state.

I imagine that those of you unlucky enough to have been cut before might feel the pain quite intensely and those of you who practice with weapons and know about the injuries caused will undoughtably feel something. Perhaps you will get paralysis of the part of the body injured in the dream? I do know that if you get too stressed your mind will wake you up immediately, which is why you shouldn't get over excited in a lucid dream in case you wake. Tales about if you die in a dream you die in real life are just that, tales.

The only previso I would add would be to those caught in a choke hold they cannot get out of, there is the very remote possibility that your body may be being choked in real life, if you find you cannot break free in a dream, maybe smoke from a house fire etc? Your body automatically takes care of functions like breathing naturally so you can fly in outerspace or swim to the bottom of the ocean with no ill effects but this is a minor risk you should pay attention to. To wake up try to imagine your body in bed, try to wiggle a finger of shout to wake up.

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