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How to visit the Lucid Dojo

Here you can learn how to visit the dojo whilst in a lucid dream.



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Getting to us - The Lucid Dojo can only be reached in dream time and to manipulate your dreams you need to become lucid (read the lucid learning section if you haven't already). By reading this section you will prime and stimulate your mind in order to recreate the dojo when you lucid dream.

The Lucid Dojo is a building built next to the Lucid Crossroads disk, both are set in an expansive flat sandstone desert like landscape. A description of the Crossroads site and the various ways to reach it can be found HERE.

The quickest way of actually getting there is to dream of the Lucid Dojo and wake upto lucidity in that dream. Alternatively you could transport there directly there from another dream where you became lucid. Lucid transportation seems to be something that some people can get the hang of naturally or it is extremely difficult.

Try closing your eyes in the lucid dream you have woken up in and instead of trying to visualize the Lucid Dojo just relax your mind and think of the Lucid Dojo name and the sun on your skin.

When your eyes open you will find yourself facing the Dojo the sun warm on your back. The air is wonderfully clear and a only a few wispy clouds hang in the blue sky.

You walk over the rough sandstone ground with its loose top layer of fine dust and upto the wooden entrance marker with its Japanese ying yang painted white and set high up in the center.

The calm breeze slowly flaps the entrance banners as you step onto the bristle mat and look down the large wide stairs.

Making your way down the stairs the air becomes a fraction cooler but still pleasant, the third step creaks as you put your weight on it but it doesn't distract you from the still peaceful quality of the air and light in the room. The major light streams through the sky light windows set in the ceiling but fluorescent strip lights attempt to keep up ineffectually with the desert sunlight. You reach up with your hand and run it over the rough textured surface of the stairs gray concrete ceiling.

Directly before you, hung on the plaster work wall is a Mayan ying yang, that the mayans call Hanub Ku (mayan page here). To the mayans Hanub Ku represents the belief that "time" is an illusion veiling the true nature of the universe, and in space of the dojo it will extend the time you spend in your lucid dream by many times and we could all do with more lucid time.


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Enjoy your time in The Lucid Dojo dreamer

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