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Leaving the Lucid Dojo

Walking up the Lucid Dojo stairs and upto the Lucid Crossroads


lucid crossroads is changing

You turn round and the the wide stairs, to the left is half a car tyre for kick conditioning, to the right a blackboard and chalk where you can leave your name for other dreamers after you've finished your practice.


You walk up the stairs running your hand along the smooth dark wood hand rail as you go. The sky outside is a clear bright blue, framed between the dojo's entrance is a not very desert like blossom tree.


As you reach the top of the stairs and stand on the rough entrance mat you see that the tree stands before a huge disk of shining stone that reflects the red doors spaced around its edge.


As you step onto the disk marveling in the feel of the sun on your skin and the beautiful blue sky you catch a glimpse of movement in the large mirror at one end of of this odd space.


"Hello dreamer!" You freeze the voice came from behind, slowly you turn round. "Welcome to the Lucid Crossroads" says the voice..... Click below to enter the homepage

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Enjoy your time in The Lucid Dojo dreamer

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