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How to visit the Lucid Dojo

learning how to walk into the dojo via a dream door.



lucid crossroads is changing

Apart from the main entrance the Lucid Dojo contains four other doors that a dreamer can use to access the dojo.

Any door in a dream can be used, just walk upto the door, pause, settle your mind and think of the Lucid Dojo, open the door and you should see one of the views from the dojo doors.

I've made the logos and signage for the lucid dojo very recognizable and used mayan signs (glyphs) that can work themselves into your dreams and might either help you get lucid or direct you to a door that will lead to the Dojo.

These signs might be quite discrete, replacing an ordinary sign or spray painted onto a wall or floor, arrows will direct to the door that can be used to get you to the dojo.

White Mirror Door it leads to a meditation space (yet to be completed online)

Red Dragon Door leads a giant room that will have many other areas for martial practice, like boxing (yet to be completed online)

Blue Eagle Door this is a door to other martial arts dreams, so you can indulge the more fantastical.

Yellow Sun Door leads to the dojo the dreamer usually practices his/her art in.

The above doors are all marked with a Mayan glyph (Mayan page) from the Mayan zodiac for easy identification, the White Mirror and Red Dragon rooms have not been completed online as yet but they should work in dream time. The meditation room behind the mirror door is a medium sized room, containing a sprawling oak tree and a clear pool, the roof is not present and the view is of a star filled sky.

The Dragon door leads to a giant room with a western style boxing ring and different areas for martial training/sparring. It has a large martial weapons rack running down the middle where you can find any present or historical non projectile martial weapon for practice.


View through the White Mirror Door into the dojo

View through the Red Dragon Door into the dojo

View through the Blue Eagle Door into the dojo

View through the Yellow Sun Door into the dojo

Always remember you can always just materialize inside the dojo, close your eyes in the lucid dream you have woken up in, let your mind relax, now think of the Lucid Dojo name, the light streaming in through the sky lights onto the wooden paneled floor.......


The main dojo floor is wood paneled, its varnish worn by the years of feet moving over the surface, surrounding this is a smooth dark gray painted concrete area. The walls are either a white plaster work or painted brick work, on the east wall a large mural of Bodhidharma watches, in the ceiling 3 fans slowly stir the still air.


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Enjoy your time in The Lucid Dojo dreamer

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