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What equipment does the Lucid Dojo have

Here you can look around at the different martial equipment in the dojo



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The Lucid Dojo has lots of varied martial training equipment like any other waking life dojo, from a punch bag to a makiwara. Many pieces of equipment are exclusively used for body conditioning which isn't going to be much use in a dream but its useful for form and interesting to compare its feel to the waking world.

You might find a dream character or other dreamer (see the learning section) who might be around and prepared to show you how to use the equipment. This training might feel correct on at the time in your dream but please do not attempt to use any equipment in the waking world "unless" you are already trained in its use.

To the left this dream character/dreamer is practicing on the immortal dummy stood at the west wall, which I believe is mainly used in many Chinese systems.

Below this Muay Thai kick boxer is using the heavy bag for kicks, try out the equipment but maintain your focus and recall how you use the equipment when working in your regular dojo.

The image on the right shows a Muay Thai kick boxer is using the heavy bag for kicks, try out the equipment but maintain your focus and recall how you use the equipment when working in your regular dojo.


Next to the Yellow sun door on the south wall by the stairs there is a bamboo bundle for spear fists etc, a smooth log hung from a chain for arm conditioning etc and two makiwara.


To the right a purple belt and senior black belt watch the use of a makiwara, the weight to the right of the watching black belt weighs 20kg (44lbs).


In the south east corner are a collection of differing sized chishi (basically big tin half a broom handle and cement) used in karate conditioning.



Above Kwan Gin, the god of the martial arts hangs on the south wall over the martial arts equipment boxes. In the boxes you will find pads, kick shields, body armour and other martial gear that you might be used to fighting in but have not brought into the lucid dream.

The trick to using one of these boxes is to pause before you lift the lid, focus and think of what you need then open the lid to find it there


left two dreamers practice using focus mitts and gloves. As you train your muscles will twitch in bed building up muscle memory of your dream movements, remember moving is a great way to keep yourself lucid.

On the east wall between the Red Dragon door and the Blue Eagle is the weapons rack.

When the room through the dragon door is completed (may take a while) this will be where you can practice will all different types of bladed weapons and the Lucid Dojo will be a place for unarmed combat, for now we'll all have to live together.

From left to right there are two Shinai for Kendo practice, the purple box beneath them holds short weapons like butterfly knives etc, use it like the martial arts equipment boxes the lids are hinged and the handles brass.

Next there are 4 escrima sticks used in Silat, then two wooden bo's and two jo's and below them on the floor are a pair of karate hand weights made of painted concrete. Next the shorter of the two purple lacquered wood boxes, holds weapons like katana's or Tai Chi swords, whilst the largest box beneath holds western long swords and the like. Just concentrate and open the lid to retrieve your chosen weapon.


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Enjoy your time in The Lucid Dojo dreamer

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