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Links concerned with martial arts and Lucidity

Links to those who have graciously helped in the construction of the lucid dojo and other great links on the net


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Thank-you to all the people who have helped make the dojo possible, please visit their sites where they have some great images and information.

Sensei Bob Honiball (GoJu ryu Karate) {my own sensei}((For anyone wishing to take up GoJu I would really recommend it and apart from the physical and mental pain, and decades of striving for perfection *smile* & I've barely begun)) at the Reiyukai centre

Head instructor for the Delaware Budokan, Philip Scudieri and thanks to the emails to Thomas N Johnson,
Ollie Batts Director, CAMA Cambridge Academy of Martial Arts http://www.cambridgemartialarts
Niel Willcott (Head instructor), (Choy Li Fut) Norwich Choylifutuk martialarts.html at the Reiyukai centre
Dave Jackson (Chief Instructor)
Billy Davidson (Sifu) F.S.M.A. Ching Mo Chinese Arts The Centre
Sensei Eric Enger
Sensei Huw Dillon at the Reiyukai centre
The folks at White Crane Kung Fu (link to White Crane on this site) at the Reiyukai centre




Other Lucid links on the internet

The Lucid Crossroads Site ~ The parent site to the Lucid Dojo a shared space for all dreamers and a bridge to all types of lucid dreaming.

The Lucidity Institute ~ the place where they lock up all the lucid nuts (also a very big site about lucidity). This is *bows low* the website linked to Stephen LaBerge the man who proved lucidity was science fact not science fiction. Masses of detailed and scientific information about dreaming.

Association for the study of dreams ~ an esential website about dreaming like the lucidity institute its detailed factual stuff.

Ld4all Forum ~ Great forum about Lucid dreaming; lots of past posts about every conceivable aspect of lucid dreaming and related subjects. A young crowd here which can make anyone over 20 feel old but there are some experineced people around too. ~ get stuck in, as this site goes on as far as you can see, very detailed and good science, home of the Electric dreams free magazine.

Association for the Study of Dreams Forum ~ Jean who moderates this forum is extremely knowledgeable about a whole host of dreaming experiences. Structure of the forum isn't great but it gets the job done. Some extreamly serious and great posts pop up in here as its the forum to the Association for the study of dreams (ASD).

Slowwave Simply the best, dreams made into short comic strips

Sealife Forum ~ Lucid dreaming and the Mayan Tzolkin, young but up and coming forum but best of all is you can discuss the Lucid Crossroads here, in its Dreamspace section.

Mayan Dreamspell ~ A page from the Lucid Crossroads about the Mayan Dreamspell, links to a calculator that works out your mayan zodiac starsign (glyph).

Liquid Dream ~ Great computer based dream diary, it can give you stats, graphs etc on what you've been dreaming about over time which is very impressive and its FREE!

Why I made the whole site? ~ Even though I'm an artist I've always had an intrest in science and the borders of science and this site is a creative expansion of that intrest. The actual idea for this Lucid Dojo site came from a book lent to me by my GoJu ryu sensei. In that book I found out that one of the kata's I practice was taught to a founder of the style by a man in a dream, the description sounded just like a lucid dream to me and made me want to make a place for myself and others to practice whilst lucid.

Why I chose the Reiyukai centre ~ I chose to use my own dojo at the The Reiyukai centre 24 St Mary's, Duke St, Norwich, to make it easy to make the dojo as I had a real life space to recreate. Also it helps me and the others that use the Reiyukai centre get to the Lucid Dojo, as its used by many styles of martial art it seemed appropriate and as its a real place I think it helps to make the Lucid version feel more real. I just went into the real (Reiyukai) dojo last night and it was very weird to be there after a weekend of creating a virtual version!

I'm not saying its a hot bed of Lucid Dreamers for anyone wishing to visit, as far as I can tell it is a centre for some very serious martial arts training. This is a list of the styles offered at the centre. Han Yung Hapkido, Renshinkan Aikido, Judo, Chi Kung, Jeet Kune Do, Dynamic Aikido, Taekwondo, Medau, Wing Tchun Auto Defence, Dragon Fist Kung Fu, NSKC Shotokan Karate, Chen Tai Chi, Gojuryu Karate, Yang Tai Chi, East Coast Shotokan Karate, Choy Li Fut Kung Fu, Bujinkan Budo & Ko-Budo, White Crane Kung Fu, NR School Self Defence, Dynamic Yoga, Crane, Tiger and Dragon Kung Fu, Olympic Wrestling, Chinese Aikido Yoga and White Eye Brow Pak-Mei.Fu Jow.


How I made this site ~ below are images taken from my real dojo after a nighttime training session.

First off I used a digital camera to take photos of the dojo and the various materials used in its construction. By the way I didn't include the large mirror in the dojo as they can be very distracting in a lucid dream and also give some very odd distortions to body images for some reason no-one really seems to know.

I used some architectural software called Arkey (thanks to TopDog) to construct the Dojo itself. All made in glorious 3-D from the roof to the kick bag.

I then used rendering software to skin the model using the textures I'd photographed from the original dojo


Using photographs I'd then taken from my own dojo or from helpful dojos from around the internet I combined the two in photomanipulation software, the result below. There are many difference between my real life dojo and the lucid dojo, some are subtle and some are very obvious, like the stairs.


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