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Who can you find in the Lucid Dojo

Here we consider who might be visiting the Lucid Dojo


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Whatever your style from Hapkido to Choy Li Fut, you may practice at the dojo and you could find others practicing already.


It might be that you step into the dojo and find yourself alone. For many this might be what you wish, to be able to concentrate on your style without interference from dream characters.

If you do find yourself alone and want either an opponent or help in your art try turning around, relax, focus your mind and when you turn back someone will be there. Dream characters can be very varied, some are good talkers and can offer good advice on your technique. Many will be silent but very good at martial arts and demonstrating technique. This technique will "most likely" have been gleaned by your own mind from real life lessons, books, tv programs, films etc but there are many theories.


The most likely to appear in your martial arts lucid dreams are members of your own dojo, below my own sensei and a senior black belt face each other. There is even the scientifically unproven possibility that you could meet another dreamer here in the lucid dojo, although it might be difficult to spot who's a dream character and who's a dreamer. The only way to be sure would be to use the method described on the Lucid Crossroads science page.

It is said that you if you meet a person that you may know in waking life they might still be asleep and not conscious they are sharing a dream with you. It might be possible for you to wake them up into lucidity (providing they know what the state is), to find out more about mutual/shared dreaming visit the lucid learning section.

You could very easily walk in on a class that's already underway, don't make the mistake I do when I lucid dream, that is to rush upto dream characters shouting to them about "I'm lucid dreaming what do you think of that then" and such like.

Remember your brain is trying to interpret the world around you as if it were real and if you really went upto someone like that they would treat you as a nut.

Imagine walking in on the scene above, this group are warming up for a session of dynamic Aikido, you need to have the same mind set you would have in waking life. The older of the two guys in the black and white robes looks like the master, bow to the group and walk round so you can speak to him.

Be polite but firm (he is likely to be your dream character after all) ask him to help you with some technique or if he would he be willing to spar against etc. Walking into the center of the ring and shouting "come on then I'll take you all" will most likely just get you disdainful looks. If you behave like real life its more likely to feel like real life when you practice.

So there may be no-one or many people, sometimes there could be different types of martial artists training at the same time. If on occasion the room is too full, use one of the doors to find some other space, or alternatively, go up the stairs to the Lucid Crossroads and practice in the large desertscape.



To Lucid Crossroads ~ you turn around and face the stairs..... .

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Enjoy your time in The Lucid Dojo dreamer

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