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contacting the crossroads


Ok I have been pretty terrible about answering emails and updating the site in general. Whilst I intend to update the site in 2012/13 I imagine I will still be awful at responding to emails... How about using a Tumblr comment to contact me? Or..


The guest book in "dream time" can be found on the main reception counter, please sign it if you visit the Crossroads. The guest book in "waking time" can be found HERE. Its a place to leave messages for other dreamers you might have met at the Crossroads or in lucid dreams etc or for those who don't wish to use the forums and email. Its great to see the feedback in the guest book but if you want me to respond use the email.

Many people choose to discuss issues such as lucid dreaming on internet forums. A list of forums that you can discuss the Lucid Crossroads can be seen half way down this page.

In "dream time" the receptionists Glad and Clem will happily take messages you may want to leave for other travelers. At least one of them is "sometimes" on duty but they do seem to go walkabout when ever they want. The paper on the lounge tables can also be used to leave a trace that you reached the Crossroads when lucid.



Dreamviews Forum superb forum about Lucid dreaming; very active forum. More into lucidity and techniques than the esoteric. Recommended sections are...



Beyond Dreaming Surely a good place to discuss the Lucid Crossroads


Tutorials forum All the lucid techniques you'll ever need.

Ld4all Forum a great forum about Lucid dreaming; A perfect site for the beginner. Open to lucidity and aspects beyond like astral projection etc. Recommended sections are...



Beyond Dreaming Discuss OOBE's, shared dreams, spirit guides - or sit down under a tree and ponder about the nature of life and the universe. "BIG Lucid Crossroads Topic" sticky there for you to discuss the LC.


Lucidity Intro The place for beginners to ask questions and for the pro's to answer them

Astral Pulse ~ Major Astral forum recommended sections are...



The Astral Library ~ Members Book Recommendations & Reviews!


Energy Development ~ Energy Body Development! Everything pertaining to the Energy Body including the chakras, energy raising, NEW and energy based healing



Other places to discuss lucidity


Lucid dreaming on facebook ~ discuss lucidity on facebook

Lucid dreaming on Reddit ~ discuss all aspects of lucidity in the lively Reddit community.



About me - Sorry if this is not the usual websites full bio on the webmaster but I'm not really into all that. I really just wanted to say that I created this site for a few different reasons, the most important to readers of this site is to make LDing more popular and try and find out if shared dreaming can be cultivated via the Crossroads dreamspace.


Also I don't claim to be a world expert on lucid dreaming, I've never written a book on it and I do not have a degree in clinical sleep research, I'm an artist and that at least qualifys me to make my own observations on experience. All you read on this website is based on my own experiences of lucid dreams, as well as those of other lucid dreamers I've communicated with on email or via forums etc. I do get about 3-4 lucid dreams a month, which would be more but I'm usually so busy I don't have much time to put theory into practice.

Can you help the transformation of the Lucid Crossroads? A new website and book to allow even more lucid dreamers to share the same dreamscape are now in motion. Click the image leftto visit our newly published Indiegogo page and help us perfect the hub of the dream world!


Newsgroups that deal with dreaming and lucidity are listed below, newsgroups can be accessed via your email software or via Goggle Groups page.





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