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Crossroads Journey

You only half remember your original dream, but for what seems like forever you've been searching for something along endless corridors of a sprawling, somehow familiar, building. You turn to one door, it’s unremarkable but its presence triggers something that you've been forgetting? The Lucid Crossroads, you are dreaming!

Wham, you become lucid instantly. The reality is breathtaking, but remembering your intention you open the door. Bright light spills into the twilit corridor but even as you squint through the bright light you see the Crossroads and step out into the sunshine.

The sun feels wonderful on your back and the quality of light it casts is at once unreal and at the same time so familiar like a childhood memory of sunny days. Your gaze sweeps over the slate floor and is drawn to two figures running over, waving at you. Walking towards them you suddenly realise they don't look human, at least not in your experience - blue humans being somewhat rare!
The blue skinned female reaches you first, skipping with what seems like barely contained glee she blurts out, "I'm Gee,” before hugging you and kissing you on both cheeks. "You made it, you made it,” she sings.
"This is Cee," she manages between bouts of excited clapping, the male figure smiles. " Welcome, traveller." He theatrically bows low and sweeps off what you thought was his hair but which seems to be some sort of headdress?

"We are the receptionists at the Lucid Crossroads," Cee says. You can't help but stare and smile broadly, they both seem so real but their shining crystal blue eyes and blue skin jars with your definition of what "real" represents. "This isn't reality," your mind says. "You’re just characters in my dream aren't you, I mean your not actually, erm, people, are you?" You can't help but sound embarrassed with this question.

They glance at each other, Cee grins and Gee tries to hide a giggle. "We are as real as you are, traveller.” Cee prods you with an outstretched hand, he certainly feels real. "In fact, depending on who you believe, we are you!" says Gee. "A waking world scientist would say that currently your mind is recreating all you see," her hand sweeps round to take in everything around, "within your own sleeping brain."
"That means,” pipes up Cee, "that we are in fact separate selves. Just as you are a self in your brain, we are using resources from different parts of the same source." He looks thoughtful for a moment and then seems to change dimiss the thought. "Anyway all that’s by the by, our real purpose at the Crossroads is to stabilise your lucid state. Look into our eyes and repeat after me, ‘stabilise my lucidity NOW!’"

You repeat the phrase and drag your gaze away from Gee’s glowing rose water eyes, but with a new feeling of calmness that has spread from your head to the rest of your body. "That will extend your time in the lucid state," says Cee.

"Next we need to raise the level of your lucidity,” butts in Gee, and taking your hand she pulls you over to a small central pool near a large mirror.

"What’s the mirror for?" you ask as you are lead by the arm. “Oh, leaving your body,” says Glad and then seeing you'd like more information, "the mirror and the pool are for astral projecting.” "Come on now, concentrate, traveller!" Gee scolds, wagging a finger in your face and then pointing to the pool and what looks like a raised font. Both are cloaked in what looks like some sort of chain mail?
"Dip your hands into the font water. Don't be shocked - it is very cold - but it will heighten your lucidity." You do as you are told and slide your hands into the font, "sheese" the icy water makes you sharply draw in breath. "Now feel the texture of the chain mail in the font and repeat after me, ‘increase lucidity NOW!’"

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