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As the phrase leaves your lips, an electric wave sweeps through your body and you let out a long breath with intensity. Looking around, you feel renewed, your mind pin sharp, far beyond even your waking consciousness. Gone is the slightly dreamy headspace, and your smile spreads quickly as you experience the beauty and detail of the moving cloud formations. "This," you say to yourself, "is my mind."

Tilting your head to one side you take in the light desert air carrying a faint smell of freesia, Geeís perfume you think. This is followed by the even sweeter scent of the spring blossom of the large tree. Cee moves to speak but you hold up a hand to silence him and simply say, "I'm just going to take a quick flight. I won't be long, thank you for your help." And with that, the tips of your toes raise from the ground and you take to the air.

Rising, your attention switches to the view over the endless desert of your dream space and the play of the glorious sunlight over the remarkably complex clouds. Looking down, you see the Lucid Crossroads laid out beneath you. Cee and Gee wave up and, smiling, you return the motion.

An odd triple wave shaped building comes into view as you drift higher and you make the mental note to ask its purpose when you finally come down.
You begin to float so high that your head reaches a passing cloud and its moisture condenses on your skin. Holding up a hand you watch the pinpricks of water merge, and the resulting drops form rivulets that you play with before sending the drops spinning off into air and down to the desert below.
Itís all just so breathtakingly real and, taking hold of that thought, you angle your legs up and, pointing your hands towards the Crossroads, swoop through the clouds yelling through the rushing air as you do.
You pull up and hover above the giant blooms of the tree and scan the Crossroads for the now absent receptionists.

Blooms fill the air with sweet scent but there seems to be no sign of the custodians of the Crossroads?
You touch down without a sound on the sand of the desert floor and stride over to where you left the odd blue pair. Not a sign of them but then....

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