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....You swing round to find Cee and Gee behind you, "Aw, you're not so easy to sneak up on in this high lucid state," says Gee in a smirking sulky voice. "In a high lucid you shouldn't need to use your mouth to speak, by the way, use telepathy to comunicate with us." You frown and the words "you just flew like a bird and yet you doubt you can achieve this," in Cee's voice float into your head.

"It's a pity there are no other travellers here at the moment, you might find it illuminating to be with another being from the waking world," muses Gee, sounding far off inside your head."Is it possible for two or more people to share an experience like this? you ask. "How should we know? Remember we are you... well... maybe. Look, if you do have anything to leave for others you can use the clipboard on the lounge table."

You look towards the lounge area where two huge multi seats hug an oval table. They look like they were carved from a giant piece of mahogany or some such wood and they sit on a magnificent Persian rug.

"That table doesn't have any support," you point out, your head still trying to come to terms with the dream world."Well, rules can be bent slightly here," Gee says in a tone that seems to be reserved for small children.
"Look, if you're not going to leave a message on the table, at least sign the guest book on the reception desk." You're pushed in the direction of a tall, deep red desk with the image of a sleeping head inlaid into the exotic wood.
"Travellers like yourself are becoming more frequent here," says Gee, "leave your name as a record with theirs." Obeying, you pick up the old fashioned pen and write your name under the others, writing isn't easy but you manage it and hope someone reads your name there with the others.
"Now how about one of the main reasons the Crossroads exists?" says Cee."To experience the lucid dream of your choice through our dream doors."

With a click of his fingers all the doors of the Crossroads spring open, each revealing a different glowing, jewel-like view of a lucid dream to experience beyond. "Thank you Cee, but I've been meaning to ask you about that building behind the tree?"
"Ah that, traveller, is the Dojo - a place to practice martial arts. Do you learn a martial art in waking life?" "Erm, well... I'm going to take a look anyway, its not dangerous is it?" you mumble. "Nothing can harm you in a dream, traveller, but take care none the less."

"I will," you say, "and thank you both for all your help." The receptionists both bow low as you step onto the warm sand and away from the Crossroads. "If you lose your lucid state make sure you come again," shouts Gee. "I will," you think, adding, "and I'm sure you heard that, goodbye you two..."

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