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Here you can read the most recent accounts of dreamers reaching the Crossroads (scroll down) or check out the the archive of Lucid Crossroads visits.

Sorry I've not been updating this scetion. I will have a new section where you can add your dreams.

Below are some lucid dream abbreviations that people may use

AP = Astral Projection, DC = Dream Character, DILD = Dream-Initiated Lucid Dream, FA = False Awakening, IRL = In Real Life, IWL = In Waking Life, LD = Lucid Dream, MILD = Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreams, NDE = Near Death Experience, RC = Reality Check, SP = Sleep Paralysis, WILD = Wake-Initiated Lucid Dreams

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This visit was on (16/09/05)

Ians Crossroads experience - Ian is a member of the LD4all forum ~ I had really high lucidity last night. Higher that I have ever had before in my life... It decreased a bit by the end though.

In a regular dream I was staying in a house in a hilly neighborhood. It looked pretty normal in the daytime... But at night, it was surreal. At night, The neighborhood was lit with lights of many colors. The buildings seemed different too... It is difficult to describe. Also, lots of things happened at night. I was wandering the neighborhood at night once and ran into some people who were filming a TV show similar to canded camera.

At one point, I became lucid. I began to look around. I saw a house with a long stairway leading up to it, so I climbed the stairway. There were some other people with me, but I don't remember who they were. When I reached the top of the stairs, I stayed there for a few seconds and then turned around and climbed down.

When I reached the bottom, I saw a ravine with a forest on the other side. There was a railing in front of it. I began to focus on how real it seemed. The world was very vivid and stable, but there was something about it that made it feel not as real as RL.

I began to explore the neighborhood some more. Soon, I came upon a grassy cliff hundreds of feet above an open field. There was a railing there also. I knew that when I woke up that I might forget parts of the dream, so I tried to remember earlier parts of the dream while still in the dream. I remembered the part with the house with the stairs and the ravine, but there were lots of parts I didn't remember, even in the dream.

I saw some other people going into a forest nearby, but I wasn't interested. Instead, I decided to try to go to the lucid crossroads. I went over to the house I had been staying in. I opened the door trying to visualise the crossroads on the other side, but instead, it opened to a room in the house. I was dissapointed, but then my mom came out the door and handed me a pink key. As soon as I had it in my hand, I knew it was the key to the lucid crossroads. I closed the door and turned the key in the lock, then opened it again. This time, it opened to the crossroads. I walked through.

This place was different from the crossroads in several ways. Instead of the lucid dojo, there was a large body of water with a walkway down the middle leading to a large palace. Also, instead of the dream doors, there were frames with closed curtains.

Clem showed up acting like a game show host" "WEEEEEEEEEEELCOME TO THE LUCID CROSSROADS!" he said. Then, Glad appeared and started naming the features to the crossroads. When she named the dream doors, or curtains in this case, the curtains all opened. There were lots of other features she named. I don't remember all of them, but I remember that one of the features was the ability to upload music to the crossroads. eh I was hoping that the big welcoming would end soon because it was wasting valuable dream time.

For some reason I decided to focus on the sensations coming from the real world. Big mistake. It caused me to wake up.


This visit was on (13/09/05)

Jaxal's Crossroads visit - Jaxal is a member of the LD4all forum ~ I just had a LD about 1 hour and 20 mins ago. Lol. In my dream , I flew to the crossroads meeting place. I have not done this before. iwas looking for the guestbook to write my name in. But you know that building you see on the website (lucid dojo) ? well, I went in there to see if someone was there and to my suprise, it was full of washing machines Loooooooool. It was like a launderette. I think, this happened because I havent been to that site in quite sometime.


This visit was on Silio Magnetic 27 (21/08/04) Red Crystal Serpent (this is how the mayans measure time see gegorian date in brackets - Sunwolf follows the Mayan Tzolkin)

Sunwolf's Crossroads visit - Sunwolf is a member of the Sealife forum ~ I finally made it to the Lucid Crossroads. I was at Lucid Crossroads. Ypm, Mark was there. I remember introducing him to three of my brothers, Brian, Randy and Danny, and asking them to guess who Ypm looked like. Only Brian could guess he looked like my friend Dave Long. There were a lot of people at the Crossroads, and they were playing a weird game. It was told to me by one of the coordinators that at night all the animals could be killed that the participants wanted to kill, because by day the dead bodies would be disposed of automatically. This game was played in the sand, off of the Lucid Crossroad’s floor; were everone had a long, tiny knife and the object of the game was to trick the snakes into swallowing the knife and then ram it down their throat and kill them.

I watched. I didn’t agree with turning killing of serpents into a playful sport. Then I saw a beautiful snake, very unique, almost yellow and it had wings, rise out of the sand and was going to bite Ypm. I grabbed Sandy’s sword and chopped off the unique snake’s head. I had too. I didn’t like it. It was evening and we were closing up. Ypm, Nick, Pantalimon and others were taking the furniture into the basement. I remember taking a tall stand up Lamp and lowering it to the basement, over a railing. I was trying to sit it on a table, so it wouldn’t fall and break. Ypm was down there, so he grabbed it and sat it down.



16/08/2004 YPM's 2nd Crossroads experience ~ The dream begins walking down this hallway in what looked like army barracks or some warehouse. There were people that I had gone to high school with me there. Something triggered something in my mind and I realized that I was dreaming. Lucid Dream Begins - I calmed myself down, since I could feel myself getting more excited and turned left down a row. I wanted to visit the lucid crossroads, so remembered that last time I had trouble when I closed my eyes, I covered my eyes with my hands and willed myself to be at the lucid crossroads. When I took my hands away I was in this very dimly lit room. I could barely see anything except for ripples or light, like the inside of an indoor swimming pool at night. The walls of the rooms were curved towards the floors like the walls of the dojo. Then I noticed that the roof of the room was actually covered with clouds like the sky at the lucid Dojo. I looked at the ground and it looked like it was covered in strips of carpet, so I reached down and began to pull the carpet up. As I did I noticed that what was beneath it looked like the Lucid Crossroads. At this point I got caught up in the task and my lucidity started to fad away.

Lucid Dream Ends - The dream ended with a party. I had taken all of the rugs away and it looked like the lucid crossroads only inside. There was a stage setup and the B52's were playing "Love Shack" on it. I was sitting in the corner listening to the music and having a good time. There were people in front of my dancing and stuff, my girlfriend was sitting beside me. Then I got up and started to dance around her, being a bit comical in my movements, singing the words "Love shack, baby love shack..."



08/08/2004 YPM's 1st Crossroads experience ~ The normal dream begins and I was in this video game and it was sort of like Grand Theft Auto III. I had passed level one and was one level two which too place in this really rich town. Level one was me and a group of guys, at the start of this level all of the other guys ran off leaving me alone. I jumped into this blue car (like an old Corvette or Mustang) and had a brown piece of paper that I had to deliver. There was lots of green grass all around and sculptured scrubs. My first destination was this large mansion with a moat around it. Luckily there was a ramp in front so I jump the moat with the car and smashed through the front door. Then I left that house and went back to the main square where I had started. I had to go to another mansion so I stole a grey car (which became the original blue car as I drove) and drove it through the front door or another mansion.

There I had to do something (I forget what) but the owner of the mansion, a large black man (not unlike the Kingpin in the Daredevil movie) was home. He was angry with my and started to chase me. I ran into this one room and wanted to get through this sliding door. It was too complicated (unlocking everything) and taking to long so in my head I though "just skip it" and just sort of went throgh the door.

Then I climbed a ladder (like the ones in the sewers leading up to the man holes) and was outside in the backyard. I ran to the fence and hopped it in the same way that I had oppened the door, by forgetting about the details and just being on the other side. I did this a few more times, going from yard to yard, and then was walking on top of this patio table with a glass top (like the one that my parents have) and I said to myself "Hey this is a dream."

Lucid Dream begins - I looked around and told myself that it was a dream and to relax. The dream was very stable and I wasn't worried about waking up at all.

I looked around and there were pink roses in the backyard. There was a man reading the paper sitting at a smaller pario table, the stub of his cigar was sitting in an ashtray onthe table beside him. The sky was blue and I don't think that I saw any clouds in it. I was surprised bu home stable and detailed the dream was. Then I thought: "Alright I'm going to try to visit the lucid crossroads", since this was my intnetion for my next lucid dream. So I closed my eyes and willed myself to be at the lucid crossroads. When I opened my eyes I was there, the ground was like the sky). The surface of a large pillar was like the ground at the crossroads, or the desk, only grey and the ground was like the sky. I was having trouble opening my eyes all the way and looking around (it was almost like I was trying to open my real eyes). Then I woke up.




06/08/2004 holy reality's Crossroads lucid - Holy reality is a member of the LD4 all forum ~ I had a dream where I was at Middle School.... in band I think, kind of outside the old band room... Kena had a toy gun and I was looking at it then realized I could get in trouble but she wouldn't take it back.... I forgot what I did, probably yelled at her... so anyway... we were outside and she apologized for doing that.... and then I summoned her a gun, I tried to make it a desert eagle but it didn't quite turn out that way... so anyway... somehow she's messing around with it and it turns into a cell phone... well at any rate I grab her from behind to take her flying (this felt so amazing........ man.. I could feel HER it felt right.... mmmmm) and so we went flying... I decided hey let's go to the lucid crossroads, so we go... when we finally get to the center there is a sort of gatoraide dispensor, but it's supposed to have beer in it, instead, lemonade.

Some fellow standing by it tells me the beer is on the other side, and it was... I went and found the table in the middle tried to write my name on it, but there were just scribbles everywhere... then I remembered there is supposed to be some sort of receptionist somewhere so I found her, she looked native american, fairly old.... I signed my name, saw about 4 other people had been here recently... I don't really remember their names... so we have a conversation, and it's rather good, she asks me something about symbols and I said "no i don't know what they are" (there was a lucid crossroads post on here with really weird symbols and astrology stuff in it, this is what inspired me to check out the crossroads) so anyway I ask her if she is real and I think she even says no, but I remark that she has amazing intelligence and is easily the most intelligent DC I've ever talked to.... so..... I wanted to go to the dojo but I guess maybe I woke up before then, I did go to a dojo like building but some "bum" was in it, like an NPC from UO or something, he asked if I could hire him to do anything, I told him I'd be back but I forgot to go back and woke up before I could.



Big_K's Crossroads visit - Big_K is a member of the Sealife forum ~ At first I was driving down the road trying to go to a store when I suddleny realized hey I was dreaming! I remember my goals of going to the Crossroads from the night before, and pulled the car into a mall like place and whilst thinking of visiting the Crossroads I turned the car around and slammed into trees! Surprised I got out and gazed around realizing I was there, at the Crossroads itself! Somehow I came in from behind the "are you dreaming sign!"

This is the other dream that was lucid - It all Celm and Glad were both there, but it was hard to tell because it was like I was viewing the dream and watching myself so the images of them were small. I came to the desk and I quickly realized I was about to wake up so I asked for the badge, to get back there again instantly next time! Celm offered the badge to me and it dissapered onto my clothes. But something more strange is that Glad also said "here you can have this" and she gave me a necklace with a lama on it! She said it can be used from trading and Celm gladly pointed out he had the same necklace. But soon after that I woke up but strange eh? why would glad be offering me a lama necklace?




Dreaming Hippo's Crossroads visit ~ In this DH was not lucid but I've added it as it was a few days before he did become lucid at the Crossroads which you can also read below.

I was in my demon dream form like I described in the topic "join a dreamteam". In my dreams I like to step through mirrors and glass a lot, so thats what I did here, and I actually came at the crossroads! It was kinda blurry, I saw those two blue people behind the desk and the man waved at me with a big smile, he told me to come closer. Usually I'm not used to people who are nice to me in dreamland, they are often more scared of me, so I turned around and walked away though the mirror.

wind This is the other dream that was lucid - It all started when I was playing pool with some friends in the cellar, in waking life we always go play pool in the pool center on monday, but in my dream the poolcenter was suddenly in my cellar. The cellar was very big, and there is always a partly dark zone in the cellar where I never normally go. Anyway we were playing pool and suddenly my mother calles for me in the bedroom, I go upstairs and ask her what is the matter, she tells me to look out of the window. When I do I see a lot of cats and dogs in all the gardens, and there are also a few weird creatures that look like a mix between a cat and a dog.


We discuss the mixed up creatures, "they look a bit like a Saint Bernard", I say, but when I realize that animals like this don't exist my lucidity is triggered. So this must be a dream "this is a dream", I say to myself "this is a dream, this is a dream" I keep saying. I open the window and shout with the wind in my face "THIS IS A DREAM" my mother looks at me and says "please act normal, this is no dream", "yes it is", I say "I'll prove it to you". I wish for all the cats, dogs and dog like cats to be gone and they disapear "still dont believe me?" I say "then see me fly!". I call on grey dragon wings and fly out of the window.

The next thing I remember is flying over the street, I'm still lucid as far as I know because I keep saying to myself I'm dreaming everytime when the dream seems to get normal so lucidty stays with me. I hold two dragon dolls in my hands, one was orange and they other one was purple, I do their voices and make them talk to each other. Then I get back home where my father is at the door "where have you been and what are those strange things on your back?" "I cant stay dad" I say and open the door, and behind it are the Crossroads! I want to walk into the Crossroads and close the door, but my father won't let me, he pulls at the door to keep it open at his side and I pull the other side to close the door. I'm stronger and manage to close the door and lock it with a key.

In the Crossroads I walk to the desk, its just Glad behind reception desk, I dont know where Clem was, maybe he took some time off? She smiles at me and says "we are pleased you could make it back, you dont have to be shy" she reaches out her hand "here, before you run off again take this" she gives me a small golden badge "use this if you want to return here at anytime." I look at her and ask her if she can give me the reception log book, I want to leave a note for Fey (ReaLiTY.FaiLuRe.) she says its ok and gives me a book I sign in something and thank her "you want to stay for a bit?" Glad says. I say I'd rather go back to the dream world because I have some things to do.

I exit through the mirror and suddenly I'm trapped by what looks like a meat eating plant, I wrestle with the plant and some guys start laughing at me. I pull out two guns of my pocket and shoot at them, when the plant is dead I follow one more guy, he sends all kind of crawling robots at me but I destroy them easily, he smiles a dirty smile at me all the time. As I turn a corner I loose him, but I see flowers on the wall, in the flowers are faces of different people, some I know from my other dreams some I dont know. I stick some of the flowers to my gun, soon after that I finnally wake up.




CCHawk Crossroads visit ~ It begins at my house, and it's my birthday. Friends are there, as well as my family. Many many cars are parked in the driveway, and it's obvious a big party is in progress.

My friend Mateo is there, as well as my nephew... and Mateo is pretending to be asleep. My nephew is hitting him in the head with a stuffed panda bear to keep him awake. I remember we all were eating hot dogs. My mom tells me that I have some ketchup or something on my face, and I try to wipe it off... when done she says it's still there. This repeats a few more times, frustrating me, so I head to the bathroom.

I get in there and look at my face, and see nothing. But what is strange is my face is a metallic blue color, and it instantly reminds me of the receptionists skin tone from the crossroads. Of course, I'm dreaming

Upon realizing I'm dreaming I rub my hands and everything gets moderately clearer... I'm about mid to mid/high in lucidity at this point. I think about what I want to do and easily think of the crossroads. I take another look in the mirror, and it now looks like an aquarium... and many fish are swimming about inside. I think of sealife, and even out loud say, "Sealife...". The fish get startled and start scurrying around, I notice they assemble themselves to spell something. It reads, "Is There More" and I am puzzled as to what it means.

I get back on track and remember the crossroads, and start wondering how I'm gonna get there. I look at my bathroom door and imagine the crossroads being behind it. I open it to see a long hallway in front of me... and all the walls, floor and ceiling are black and white checkered, like a chess board.



I am not satisfied, because this is not the crossroads... and close the door. I try imagining once again and open the door. This time there is another door directly behind it, and I open it too. As soon as it's opened, my vision seems to fade and I feel like I'm going to wake up... but soon enough, things start fading back in. When the dream comes back into focus, I happily find myself to now be right in the middle of the crossroads . I'm standing right in front of the couches, and like the website, notice blue cushions on them and the floating table... but the table seems to be made of steirofoam or something. I look around and notice that there's no doors around the crossroads, but the well is there. The receptionists are missing as well. I feel the heat of the sun on my neck, and look up to see a bright sun above, but no balloons floating.

I look back at the crossroads themselves, and feel totally aware at this point... I was at high lucidity. I notice the piece of paper on the floating table and that there is something written on it in green writing. I run up and read what it says, here's what I see:

I hope and want you to come see this, friend. (Some weird words here...) (A sentence I can't make out.) Soon enough, we will be here at one time. (Numbers here, I remember an 8, 2, and a 0) From, Valter

I smile knowing that this message was from Strawin (sealife forum member), and still feel very aware. I hear something behind me up in the sky, it sounds like a chinese gong or something. When I turn around and look up all I see is the sun like before. The brightness of the sun is blinding, and it easily causes me to wake up.

When I woke up I was incredibly happy, there is so much of this dream that can be analyzed. What could the aquarium fish mean by there sentence? What did the message on the paper mean? I was frustrated cause I hardly ever so aware in my dream, and something stupid like the sun wakes me up. Oh well, it was a great lucid dream nonetheless .



DM7's Crossroads visit ~ I again lay in lion position. I breathe slower and deeper as if I’m dying. The hypnagogic hallucinations begin to set in again. I immediately get hold of it. I switch my awareness and violently sit up and fall in repeating cycle in my dream body.

Soon, I find myself in a long hall with many doors. I walk around to make sure that my awareness is shifted into dream world enough. I’m amazed that I can get into my dream world that fast. I then remember about crossroads. I think that it’s an excellent time to try since the hall is full of doors. I give myself a big sigh and open a door with an expectation that there is crossroad behind that door. It doesn’t look like crossroad from the website, but I remember that someone said that it’s in construction stage (that’s what it looked like lol) so I don’t let myself to be disappointed though. I turn around and see a big sign saying, “Are you dreaming?” I know that I’m in the right crossroad even though it doesn’t look like one on the website at all.

I go to the desk and call for Glad (that’s only name I can remember lol). A blue woman comes to me (she looks cool! ). She explains that Crossroads isn’t completed. I nod, confirming my guess. I look around and tell Glad that I’ll come back when it is completed. She seems disappointed, but still smiles at me. I smile, noticing that my awareness is beginning to switch back so I rub my hands to prevent that from happening. I look at Glad again and go to one of the doors around the crossroad. I find myself in wizard school. Interesting!

Timeless souls false awakening by Timeless soul~ FA Lucid with Alana I awake from a dream into a FA. I pull out my Dream diary and record my dream. Apparently I went lucid and found Alana.

mayan serpent

We talked for a while and in my book I wrote down the conversations. It had a lot to do with each other and our lives. And there was something about her earrings. I remember standing, next to a low table with couches. She was sitting down on the couch for the most part. I remember the colour blue, possible water next to us somewhere, like a small pool. I was very pleased with my recall in the FA and I smiled and thought, great tomorrow I will write than down. I rolled over and fall back asleep. I awoke in the morning and opened my dream diary and found no dream. I was totally shocked because I didn’t think it was a dream at all.

EynKiora visit by EynKiora ~ I'm a cheerleader for a professional basketball team thats playing in my middle school gym. Only two of us have shown up, so I go off to look for the rest of us. I find them in a hallway (theres like 50 of us). The teacher thats with them offers me medicine in case I eat too many cookies. I tell her I'd rather just be careful about what I eat, You shouldn't take medicine all the time.

At this point I become lucid. I fly around the school a little, trying to think of something to do. I remember about the crossroads and leave the school. I'm flying too high to see the ground, so I move closer and find myself in a forest. I eventually get to a place similar to the crossroads, but not quite. The ballons are there but its in a forest, The benches are around the edges and the reception desk is in the middle, and the floor is blue with clouds, like the sky. I walk up to the desk and talk to the three large black ladies that are there. I ask them where clem and glad are, and one tells me theyve been released. I sign the guestbook, leaving my last name because theres already another jess there - I recognize her as someone I know from school. The ladies ask me who I'm here to see, and I say Im waiting for some friends. I try to change the color of the floor, because I dont like it, and have a FA.

Strawins Crossroads visit by Strawin ~ Flying over the Crossroads () Recall from middle of the night: I was flying, or floating over the Lucid Crossroads! I recall only a very short period, that round plateau with all those doors, reception and everything else.

I'll try to describe every "in dream dream" as I recall them: The first one sucked. I stood up from my bed, tried to get out of the door to find the Lucid Crossroads, but there was only darkness and my dad talking somewhere.. There were also some monsters later.. At one point I closed the door and jumped/flown backwards where the black void engulfed me.

Don't recall no more, but soon I had an FA. The second was better. I stood up and tried to spin and at the same time asked my dream/spirit guide to take me to the Crossroads. I was spinning and it started to work, I was beginning to see the Crossroads from above, I was somehow spinning or flying over it. On that round platform I could see all sorts of monsters, preparing for a battle. This was level 2 of the Crossroads (meaning it was now a game ). There were some big mammoths at the center and other troops at the edge, preparing to attack the mammoths. I was supposed to land, to help those troops/to make the battle start, but the dream began to fade. Yeah, another FA, same thing as before.

Quick visit by Me (Russell) ~ Getting there was very odd, I became lucid by just suddenly realising I was dreaming although I don't remember the dream I was having before hand and when I became lucid, I just sort of drifted. I remembered I should try and get to the Crossroads and decided to just will myself there. I formed the main image of the receptionists looking out from infront of the "am I dreaming sign".

What I got was the image but it was like a sheet of ice or frosted glass was infront of it. I pushed my mind through this barrier and suddenly I stumbled into the Crossroads and straight into both receptionists who were both hugging me and shouting that I'd made it. The bad bit was I was in a low lucid state and didn't take the time to stablise my state so I only had time to break free of the receptionists and gain my bearings before my lucidity faded the receptionists shouting for me not to leave.


Swimming to the Crossroads via the pool by Ali ~ I dreamt, that I am driving a bus through a canyon, suddenly the bus started jumping around and it was jumping very high. I said to myself: "this cannot be real, I must dreaming!" and I became lucid. I flew with the bus and landed on a high rock in a desert. Then I remembered the Crossroads and wished to go to there. I remembered the doors and the mirror and the pool in the middle.


I said to myself "I wish to go there, no matter which way" and suddenly I was in the water. When I looked above I saw the light streaming through the pools opening. I started swimming up and pulled myself out of the water on onto the side of the pool, when I stood up I found myself in the Crossroads. In front of me there were the receptionists Clem and Glad but I believe my mind still thought the water was in my eyes and I saw them through very blurred vision. Infact the whole dream after that was somehow blurred, but I was conscious of it and lucid. While I hesitated and thought about the blurreness I woke up." So that was my Dream and I hope, many will follow.

Medieval Crossroads by Greyfyre ~ I've been meaning to try and reach the crossroads for some time now, and it's been at the top of my dream time to do list. I almost got there last night, what I saw were two very interesting idea about the crossroads.

I had a familiar dream of being chased, an FA where I knew I was dreaming, then the LD. I kind of recalled the before dreams, so decided to test if I was dreaming now. I stick my hand through my other hand, even though a DC there tells me I can't do that. So I recruit some DCs who want to leave, and I try and think of a place to go, as well as a method. I decide I will use a computer nearby to show an image of where we will go, so the others can jump through the screen with me. I just intend to pull up any other place, and see a midevil style version of the lucid crossroads! Someone asks me where it is, and I say it's the crossroads...the lucid crossroads. It looked like a medieval version of the crossroads, and I was certain that it was definately the crossroads.

I'm a bit surprised by it's appearance, but we all jump through the screen anyway. For some reason we still are in the classroom. I decide to call a guide to get there, and out of nowhere appears Jack O'neil from the Stargate series. He tells us to just go through the door (that appears behind us) and I will know which way to go. It really made sense, as long as you know where you are going in a dream it doesn't matter what way you go, you'll end up there. So we walk down a street, and the next turn will lead us to the lucid crossroads, I tell the DCs with me. I start to feel my dream break up; everything becomes a bit distant, and so I rub my hands and start spinning. This not only brings my dream back full swing, it makes be a bit more lucid. I'm pepped, and the DCs think me odd to be so ready to go. I run on down to the crossroads, and some of them decide not to go, either way none of them catch up to me. I know the crossroads are only a few feet ahead, but there is a lucid crossroad souvenir vender right there I look and see that all this lady has to sell are heart shaped pendent necklaces, similiar to the heart shaped glass beads I have. I ask what they are for and she tells me they take you to the crossroads, but they are powered by reciepts from her shop. I ask her if I can have a magic reciept put into mine so that whatever purchases I make in the dream world show up on it, and she agrees to it. I notice a small fluffy white cat, which she takes a necklace from and gives it to me, putting a folded reciept inside it.


After getting it my dream ends, and I do my normal stuff to check if I really woke up. So, do the crossroads really have to look the same...or just have the same elements? From the picture I saw there was a shop with some sort of lucid related painting on the front where the 'are you dreaming' sign is, two shopkeepers out front, and several doors standing out in the middle of nowhere around it. I guess this is one way to interpret the crossroads in a past time? I wonder how it would look in the future?

The second thing I found interesting was the whole idea of the necklace being powered by things done in the dreamworld. Perhaps the badge thing we are suposed to find at the crossroads can have something like that for lucid increased power for each LD so that it would be easier to get there with experience. Well, anyway, the crossroads certainly have a lot of possiblilites.


Getting to the Crossroads by Traumgänger ~ am in our living room, and I can´t remember why I am there. My mother tells me that I was sleepwalking, and that I told some stupid stuff about persons I know. I don´t really believe it, but I also don´t really know what is wrong.

After some time I finally get it and go lucid again.But, again, it is quite dark around me.I am standing in an elevator, and with me is a big, shadowy person.He doesn´t seem to be friendly, but not really agressive either.I play around with concepts of interacting with DCs, but the person doesn´t behave like I expected: When I try to feel friendly about him, to "love" him, he gets taller and more threatening.When I get angry, he is suddenly quite small and no threat.

Then I awoke, but still I somehow was in the dream.I didn´t want to give up, and although my vision was gone I reached out for the coat of the person.I felt it, it was made of cotton, and I concentrated on the feeling.Then I was in the dream again! (The first time I managed to reenter a dream, thanks to this forum that gave me the tip!) Then I remember I want to get out to the light and search the crossroads.

I begin to fly in the elevator, towards the wall.I can´t bring myself through it while flying, so I take some part of the elevator in my hand, and push myself through the wall (head first).It hurt! I never felt this before, it wasn´t just the neutral pain I normally feel in dreams, it felt like real pain! But after few seconds it was gone, I was through the wall. During the following part, I awake about 3 times, but I always manage to reenter the dream.

I was flying, it was a very bright sunny afternoon.A blue sky and a few white clouds above me, and on the ground the city I live in, green grass and yellow fields around it.I saw the big church (the "famous" building of the region where I live) below me. I land on the grass, there are some apple trees.I take an apple from the ground, it looks a bit rotten, but I am curious and eat it.I didn´t had any taste, but a tingling feeling all over my mouth (like trying to eat a vitamin tablette).Then I wanted to test if I can smell, so I breath in deeply.It works, it feels like concentrating on smells like you are outside and there isn´t anything special (like a flower or something).


THE CROSSROADS: I try teleportating, but it doesn´t work.I reach in my pocket for the "Crossroads button", but no effect either.After some more trying I come to the conclusion that it is quite hard to me to change my surroundings from green grass to a desert in a second.So I take off again and fly.I fly towards a hill, and try to imagine that there are the crossroads behind, but I just can´t bring myself to believe that there is a desert behind the green hill.So I fly on, until I come to an ocean, or perhaps a big lake.I cross it, for a short time I see only water, and then, at some distance, the border.It´s a desert!

Now I am very positive about beeing succesful.A few seconds later I see the crossroads.But they are covered with big "Computer Windows" (like the win erorr reports).They are hanging in the air. I just ignore them and land behind them, now the windows disappear, and I see the crossroads for the first time. Well, not exactly the crossroads: I am standing on a big blue metallic circle.Instead of Gladis and Clement, there are normal people, working on something, one at a computer.The lounge area is there, but the sofas and tables are very very simple and made of wood (like the kind of furniture you expect to find at a grilling site, next a campfire).

I ask one of them what´s going on here, but he doesn´t answer.I ask somenoe else, still no reaction.No I get a bit angry and shout at him: "Is this place under construction?!" He ansers yes, they are working on it, but Q is unfortunately not here right now ( In the dream I somehow thought the crossroads belong to this forum, sorry pantalimon ) I asked for the guestbook, he told me that it is more of a skriptbook (what´s that?) than a textbook, but he gave it to me.I read it, there were two names (I think on male and one female) with the family-name "Anderson". I wrote something into it. Then I walked over to the lounge area.I tryed to give the crossroads the right shape.

I remembered that some furniture was flying, so I changed the simple wooden benches in flying ones (with the blue stuff, and nicer wood).Unfortunately I couldn´t sit down, because those benches always slid away under me.Should have remembered that only the tables fly *gg*. Then I read something else, but I am now at low-lucidity, and wake up quickly.

Now I am very happy, cause it was one of the best nights of my live (concerning dreaming *g*). Thanks to LucidGuess, cause the MWILD method started this (allthough it didn´t work yet.To pantalimon, cause he created the crossroads. To Q and the whole forum, because here I read about the MWILD, the Crossroads,voice commands and about how to reenter a dream.


A visit to the Crossroads by Carl ~ It started as a regular dream: I am in the house I grew up in (I dream about being there frequently, but I think this may be the first time I have remembered to recognize this dreamsign and become lucid there.) It looks a little different than it really did.

Once I am lucid, I notice the dream is still somewhat fuzzy, so I "command" it to become clear. It gets a bit clearer, but it still seems distorted around the edges, sort of as if I am looking at it through strong glasses (I used to wear glasses but have since gotten Lasik done). I give up on that for the time being, and head into the back yard.

My Dad is there, wanting me to help him move the lumber that is stacked in huge piles around the unusually enormous backyard. I ignore him, since I know this is a dream and I'm not about to waste a LD moving two-by-fours! I ask myself what I want to do in this dream, and remember the Lucid Crossroads and decide to go there.

I fly into the air, above the clouds. I descend, expecting to see the Crossroads, and I do! I land- a bit hard- on the ground, a short distance away. However, there is a problem: As I walk up to the Crossroads, I find that it is not the real thing, but a tiny scale model of it (maybe two feet in diameter, and the "helpers" are not there). I tell myself this is a marker to indicate that the real Crossroads is nearby, and I keep walking. (If I had thought of it at the time, I might have been able to shrink down to its size, but I didn't.)

I eventually do come to the full-sized Crossroads, but it is deserted and there is no furniture in its circle. A strong wind is blowing accross me (which I can hear and feel), despite the fact that the Crossroads is described as a calm, tranqil place. I begin to suspect that the wind outside my bedroom is howling loudly enough to invade and influence my dream, but I can't be sure of this (it wasn't blowing when I woke up). I suddenly find that another man and a woman are approaching (not the helpers... or at least they don't look like them). The man seems to be of hispanic descent. We all suddenly notice that the furniture of the Crossroads is nearby, all stacked to the side. We begin moving it onto the circle. However, we seem unable to remember how it is supposed to be placed. There is a bunch of excess stuff like railings and chairs. I may be losing lucidity a bit at this point, because I seem to think that the railings are supposed to me placed in certain places, when there really are no railings at the Crossroads.

Anyway, we get the stuff set up, even though we are not sure we have it "right." We sit down in the lounge area (which now includes a couple of chairs, in addition to the couches). The man suggests we play a game; He tells me to pick an accent and try to speak in that accent for a couple minutes or something. I begin talking in my best attempt at a British accent, but after a little while I start to slip into something I think of as a Jamaican accent . He says, "Not so easy, is it?" (or something like that.)* *(After waking, I think this may have been a symbolic reference to accidentally slipping out of lucidity (which I think I was doing, by that point), and my subconscious (or Clement the helper, in disguise ;-)) was trying to tell that I was doing that. It could also be a reference to the fact that we can be people other than ourselves in dreams.) I think this is where I either woke up or transitioned into another dream, because I don't remember any more.

Well, I may not have really "made it" to the Crossroads exactly, but I am getting closer. I am a bit of a skeptic about shared dreams, but an open-minded one. Whether the "shared dreaming" aspect of the Lucid Crossroads experiment is valid or not, I think it can at least be a useful tool for focusing one's lucidity. Like practically anything else, it will take me some practice to use it well, though.

NOTE by Russell :- I'd say you did get there, its like meeting someone you know really well in waking life, they might not look the same but you "know" its them, the lucidity did sound low at some points though.

Finally finding the Lucid Crossroads by Me (Russell) ~ Well since putting up this site I've been unnaturally unlucid and achieved poor short lived lucid's when I have had success. I've not managed to reach the Crossroads in these short lucid's, however this morning I did! I was dreaming I was Spock from StarTrek and I was suffering from some alien drug that had knocked out the rest of the crew.

I got off my feet and staggered off to get to the bridge. I took a lift upto where I thought the bridge was located. The doors opened and I got out into a room with a few instrument panels and in the corner was Scotty with a tricorder, I walked upto him and he started to speak and all of a sudden I became lucid with no mental effort.

I got excited and was about to launch into my usual babble about "look I'm lucid" sort of speech to Scotty but then remembered to increase my lucidity. I held my hand upto Scotty to stop him talking then I spun round on the spot (good tech for raising lucidity) and looked at my hands. I also remembered to try and deepen my lucid state as I didn't want to wake early like I had been doing in my last lucid's I closed my eyes and just saw formless light for a while relaxing myself and cutting off from excitement and distraction. Well it really seemed to work as I when I opened my eyes I didn't have that nagging feeling I could wake at any moment.

I then realized I should try and get to the Lucid Crossroads, I opened the lift doors wanting to walk out into the Crossroads via the doors at the Crossroads. It didn't work and I realized I'd been rushing (not concentrating and thinking "I will walk through this door and out into the Crossroads"}. I panicked a bit and tried to summon the special transporting badge I'd thought up (the ones you can get at reception. Unfortunately I forgot my own advice on the site about putting my hands behind my back, so I couldn't summon the badge.

I decided to close my eyes and relax again. Whilst my eyes were closed I imagined the Crossroads from the air, as soon as I did that I just let the floor beneath my feet drop away from me. When I opened my eyes I was there! Admittedly I was thousands of feet falling through the air! It was great I've never been able to fly in my lucid's before and if I'm truthful I think I was stylishly falling rather than actual superman flying. It felt great the wind over my skin the wispy clouds zipping past and I think the excitement and the noise outside my "real" window contributed to my awakening! "Rats! (I knew I should have worn my ear plugs) " I did have a good look at the Crossroads on the way down however and I wasn't far away from landing. Its a big step forward however! and I'm sure it will make my next journeys far easier ¦¬)

This is the 1ST traveller to reach the Crossroads

Lucid at the Crossroads by Jason ~ last night I had a lucid dream, and I haven't had much to do in them lately so I decided to try and go to good one using the lucid crossroads. I was in a house and i saw a door and remembered the advice u gave about coming through a door at the crossroads.

So I go to the door and open it expecting to come out through the doors there. just as I open it my nephew comes up behind me(he is 2 years old) and cries because he wants to come with me, even though it was a ld I couldn't stand that loud crying so I picked him up and took him through the door with me, to my suprise I CAME OUT AT THE LUCID CROSSROADS. It was EXACTLY like you had it on your site except it was a little misty like it was about to get dark outside.

There were two people in there wearing black suits and black hats. I didn't think to talk to them at the time and went over to the table where the people write messages. There was somthing written on the paper, it said" him was here"(i guess that doesn't mean much).

So then I go to the front desk but that blue guy and girl wern't there, it was actually my father and he looked kind of drunk. I didn't pay any attention to it and told him that I wanted to have the best LD I ever had when I went through the door. He says no problem and I open the door. I don't want to bore you with the long post of the ld but I'll say it was the BEST and longest ive ever had, and was very stable, didn't feel like I was going to wake up at any time and I never lost lucidity till the end, I was even able to fly which ive never been able to do.

I did get Jason to tell us with the lucid dream that followed and here it is ~ After I went through the door of the Lucid Crossroads I came out in this house (I've never seen this house before in my life, but I had the impression in the dream that it was my cousin's house) so when I first came through the door the first thing I noticed was that it was very clear and vivid, it was the closest to real life my dreams have ever been.

So I started walking through the house trying to get to outside. It was a real big house and it took like 5 minutes for me to get to the front door, I was fully lucid the whole time. on the way I was observing everything and it seemed so real. So I went outside and it started to rain, that never happened in my lds before and I was suprised at how well my brain simulated the feeling. This whole time I still had my nephew with me so when I got outside I decided to take him flying.

I've never been good at flying but this time I got like 20 feet off the ground and accidently dropped my nephew. My heart almost dropped but I looked down and he was flying better than I was(LOL). So with my lack of concentration on flying I fell to the ground. So I kept flying for another ten minutes and when I finished I landed on top of this building, there were rocks on the floor and the building was grey. I then saw my mother and father standing there, they were both wearing all black (weird...just like those guys that were at the crossroads except without the hats) so i grabbed there hands, and started jumping real high like moon people, they were having so much fun. Then either my memory fades of what happened after or my dream ended cause I didn't wake up right after the dream, I dreamt till I woke up , but i remebered everything very clearly so im happy. This was the best LD ive had so far but didn't have much to do because the only thing on my list was to go to the Crossroads. Im gonna make a list for next time so i'll have lots to do.


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