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So now hopefully your a lucid dreamer. Do you follow your Horoscope as to what day would be a good day to lucid dream on? Maybe its the Chinese zodiac you follow? All very good but what any good lucid dreamer needs is the ancient Mayan calendar that was interpreted by Jose Arguelles called the DREAMSPELL!

The large scale Maya culture responasable for the calendar lived in the in Central America that now consists of Yucatan, Guatemala, Belize and southern Mexico. The Mayans lasting legacy to the world is their calendars, all based firmly in rock hard math's, that looked to the stars for inspiration.


Left is the most famous calendar the Tzolkin, a repeating spiral (some call it the double helix DNA others a rattle snake pattern) of special days (dark blue squares) known as Portal days and (white squares) known as Core days that cycle every 260 days. The periods of time that the calendars take in are massive in scale but the Dreamspell comes to an end in 2012! This is not suppose to be the end of the world but will actually herald a new age free from time as we know it. *Note* the way the Dreamspell is counted is a matter of debate, look on the web to get to grips with the issues.




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Many people use the Mayan Dreamspell throughout the world, each day a new "glyph" comes into being, there are 20 glyphs in all listed right.

Certain glyphs make good days to do certain tasks etc., what its recommend you do is to keep a Mayan diary noting the glyph for each day and how you felt that day, if anything special happened etc. I'd recommend you note the glyph for the day in your Dream Diary, maybe you'll notice a pattern emerge, one that might point to some Mayan days being better than others to lucid dream on.

mayan glyph images
Anyway you'll want to know what your Mayan sign is! Go here DATE CALCULATOR and note all the information when you enter in your birthday. You'll be given a sign like, RED ELECTRIC SERPENT, or WHITE LUNAR WIZARD or like my sign YELLOW GALACTIC SEED (left).


The first part of your sign is the colour of the "Castle" you are in either RED (east), WHITE (north), BLUE (west) or YELLOW (south).

The 2nd part is the TONE of that was present on the day of your birth. The tone is all important as it effects your main glyphs meaning. There are 13 Tones (see right).


mayan tones

The 3rd part is your main Glyph (symbol) one of 20 variations, together you can use a book or use someone who knows how to interpret Mayan signs to give you a reading.

I can't tell you what your full reading might be but I can paste in extracts from Aluna Joy Yaxk'in book "MAYAN ASTROLOGY A User Friendly Guide to Mayan Astrology" (below). I've personally heard reading from this book and it was very accurate.

The extracts only tell you about the attributes of the "main" glyph and do not reflect how your personal TONE effects the main glyph. If you want to learn more about the Mayans and the dreamspell use some of the links at the bottom of this page.

This site is an amazing resource look up your glyph from the long list and it has a page on each with pretty indepth, although slight poetic reading .


GLYPHS of the RED CASTLE (EAST) Understanding the Suns of the East The Mayan word for east is "Likin". East is represented by the color red. In Mayan it is called "Chau" The suns of the east are represented by the Suns IMIX, CHICCHAN, MULUC, BEN and CABAN. East is where the sun rises. It is the direction of "coming to power" or the "birth", the renewal of life. These Eastern days can be very powerful. It is a good time to start projects or at least begin to create them in your dream time. In the suns of the east, issues such as struggling with personal problems or concerns with the establishment of self arise. Let us look at these five suns in detail.
Basic reading of the main glyph (not including the tone) Example of products to buy for this Glyph (click image for the store) Profits support this website.
imix glyph RED DRAGON - IMIX - ee'meesh - The Dragon. Imix lives by instinct in the physical world. Imix initiates and births new creations. It contributes by being an informer, and does well transmitting information. Imix in ruled by the throat chakra, and is the power behind it's informing nature. Imix is a water Sun and is always dealing with a lot of feelings. It is ruled by Neptune. Imix can be energetic, creative, protective and dominating in a parental way. It is by nature a sensitive and private sun. Imix is always challenged to become free from feelings of rejection.
chicchan glyph RED SERPENT - CHICCHAN - cheek' chan - The Serpent. Chicchan lives by instinct. Things always work out for this sun but it is not quite sure why. Chicchan like all other suns of the east initiates or births ideas or creation. Chicchan remembers and receives knowledge, and is ruled by the crown chakra. Chicchan is a water Sun that is strong willed, extremist, powerful and charismatic. It has a very penetrating almost harsh energy. Chicchan has strong emotions and feelings that affect others powerfully. Chicchan is ruled by the asteroid belt. This sun is always challenged to experience powerful transformations in a conscious way. Also on Chicchan days be kind to yourself, accept changes in your life as part of the learning process. On these days it is good to trust your instinctual hits. Truth and trust are good key words for the Serpent to remember.
muluc glyph RED MOON - MULUC - moo' look - The Moon. Muluc lives by reason or the mind. It can be quite a mental Sun. It as all other easterly suns initiates and births, but also formulates and transmits the creative pulse. Muluc is ruled by the root chakra and is a water Sun. This makes it a very emotional, imaginative and even psychic. Muluc can be romantic and fantasy prone. It tends to be dominating by the projection of strong feelings. Muluc is ruled by Mercury. Muluc is challenged to control the self and take responsibility for what is has started. Being consistent, persistent and intelligently responsive are good qualities to work with on Muluc days.
ben glyph RED SKYWALKER - BEN - ben - Pillars of light. Ben lives by the emotions, and can be physic. It initiates and births ideas and intentions as do all sun of the east. Ben is very expressive and receives wisdom. Ben is ruled by the solar plexus and is a water Sun as are all the east suns. Ben is ruled by Mars. It is popular, knowledgeable, accomplished and competent. It is a fighter for principles, a crusader. Ben loves to take on challenges but is always challenged to curb its opinionated nature, to loosen up its rigid attitudes. Ben smoothes out its fighting nature when a deep knowledge of human nature is understood and good social skills are developed.
caban glyph RED EARTH - CABAN - ca ban' - Earth. Caban lives in the spiritual realms. It is centered in the heart. It also initiates and births ideas but this sun also self-regulates, needing very little from the outside world. It has the ability to transduce information from the cosmos into a more accessible form. Caban is centered in the heart chakra and is the last water sun in the sacred calendar. Caban is ruled by Uranus. Caban is very mentally active, rationalizing, clever and practical. It is usually liberal and progressive and often controversial. Caban has strong convictions once it has anchored ideas. Caban's challenge is to hold one's life together according to a plan and to become more flexible and patient.


GLYPHS of the WHITE CASTLE (NORTH) With the coming of the winter we feel our bodies begin to slow down and we find ourselves looking for that quiet place inside where we refine and understand what we have experienced during the past year. The sacred Mayan suns that represent the north affect us in the same way the winter does. They turn us inward for inspiration and guidance and a quiet expansion that we do not even notice until spring. The Mayan word for north is Xaman. It is pronounced "chaman" and clearly points out a linguistic connection with the native American word "Shaman." In Mayan Tradition many Shamans are born within the influence of the northern suns. Especially powerful is the sun of IX. Ones born with the influence of this sun are the Jaguar priest and their words are considered holy and absolute truth. The five sacred suns of the North hold a common theme of inward refinement and the use of the mental facilities. They are Ik, Cimi, Oc Ix and Etznab and are represented by the color white. North can be a direction of cold and ice and symbolizes the turning inward of life. In some cases it can represent danger and difficulty. You may find on North days that you are wandering in the labyrinths of the mind. Considering it is a very mental direction you may struggle with your emotions while understanding with your mind. North's aloof nature can activate defensiveness and a general distance as you turn inward for refinement and understanding. Understanding the Mayan Suns of the North
Basic reading of the main glyph (not including the tone) Example of products to buy for this Glyph (click image for the store) Profits support this website.
ik glyph WHITE WIND - IK - eek' - Wind. - Ik lives by its instincts in the physical world. It defines itself by the body but is also quite connected with the breath of spirit. It thinks in terms of "I" rather than "we", and lives in individual consciousness. Ik says "What do I want, What do I need?". Ik is a good communicator, informer, and refines and transduces information into a more usable form. The chakra represented by Ik is the heart chakra. Its element is air and planet is Uranus. Ik is a Communicative and mental sun. Ik is agile, clever and multifaceted. It can be quite idealistic and even romantic. Ones born with the sun Ik can be fashion conscious and artistic. Issues that seem to effect Ik most are fears about responsibility, obligations, commitments and decision making. It will find solutions by getting an education. Ik says "feel the fear and do it anyway!" What are you afraid of? Understand the fear and move through it.
cimi glyph WHITE WORLD BRIDGER - CIMI - k'ee mee - Death. - Cimi live in the realm of reason and mental activity. Cimi harmonizes and refines the influence of the north. In Mayan tradition it was said to be linked with death. Cimi is the opportunity to let go and remember spirit. The base energy of this sun transmits and is represented by the throat chakra. Its element is air, and the planet it is connected with is Mars. Cimi is security conscious and materialistic. It can be quite sacrificing and helpful especially in community matters as it has strong interests and concerns for the community and politics. The issues that face Cimi are having faith in the universe, and evolving past victimhood. Solutions can be found when Cimi gives meaning to life by making contributions to society. Have faith in your vision and begin to manifest them.
oc glyph WHITE DOG - OC - oak' - Dog. - Oc lives in the mental world and works with reason. It can be quite community conscious and is linked to the energies of love and the heart. Oc is very loyal to friends and family. This sun refines information from spirit and formulates in a way to make accessible to others. It receives information though the crown chakra. Its element is air, and the planet it is connected with is Mercury. Oc is cooperative, consistent, loyal and helpful. A good team player and joiner, but also a good leader. It needs much variety in life. The issues that confront Oc are the challenge for emotional maturity and healing father related and authority issues. Solutions will come to Oc when it finds acceptance of leadership when it is needed. Heal the past and move toward your destiny.
ix glyph WHITE WIZARD - IX - ee'sh - Wizard. - Ix lives in the realm of the emotions and can be physic. It is Globally conscious. It is linked to the energies of enchantment, timelessness and receptivity. Ix refines information from spirit, and expresses it in a more usable form and then transmits it. It is associated with the root chakra, and its element is air, and its planet is the asteroid belt. Ix is a sun that is definitely connected with the Orion conflicts and have issues to heal in this area. Ix can be secretive, sensitive and intelligent. It is concerned with religion and spirituality. It is quite aggressive but avoids direct confrontations. The issue that confronts Ix is the management of complex and entangled human relationships. It will find solutions when it develops counseling skills and learns to release relationships that do not feed it. Find the complex relationships in your life and re-evaluate them. Release the one that are not for your highest good.
etznab glyph WHITE MIRROR - ETZNAB - ets' nab - Mirror - Etznab lives in the realm of the spiritual world and operates with universal heart. This sun live from the expanded perspective of universal consciousness. It is linked with the energies of reflection, endlessness and order. It refines spirit as do all north suns do but here in the energy of Etznab it self-regulates, needing little help form the outside world to manifest its visions. This sun can figure things out for itself. Its base energy is receiving, and is linked with the solar plexus, its element is air and its planet is Neptune. Etznab is practical, mechanically inclined and well coordinated. It can be very social, but struggles in close relationships. It is compromising and self-sacrificing, but suppresses the anger it feels when the compromise is not in its best interest. The issues that confront Etznab is self-interest versus self-sacrificing. It will find solutions to this paradox when it develops cooperation skills and learns to share with others in a way where everybody wins.


GLYPHS of the BLUE CASTLE (WEST) With the beginning of the new Gregorian year we find ourselves looking to the future for what the new year will bring. We reflect on what has been learned and look forward to what will be. In this way we begin to initiate the creative process for the coming year by integrating the past and visualizing the future. This action activates deep transformations, facilitating the creation of new intentions. The Suns that represent the West activate these deep transformations. In Mayan tradition the West is considered the direction of the dying God yet is also a place of peaceful repose. West is a place where the light enters darkness, a place where inspiration is born and worlds are created. West is a place where we loose our egos and begin to merge with the greater whole. We may find ourselves concerned with our relations with others. Problems with cooperation may need to be addressed, and compromises made in relationships may need to be reconsidered during these days. The Suns of the West are for spiritual speed freaks that are always striving for transformation. It is a constant internal pressure to activate the transformation process and to evolve. The Mayan word for West is Chik'in and is represented by the color blue. The five sacred Suns of the Mayan calendar hold this common theme of the West. These are the sunsAKBAL, MANIK, CHUEN, MEN and CAUAC. Understanding the Mayan Suns of the West BLUE NIGHT - AKBAL - ak' bal - Night - Akbal lives by its instincts in the physical world. It is the informer and receives information and informs other suns of it discoveries. Akbal is represented by the chakra of the solar plexus. Its element is Earth and its planet is Saturn. Akbal is a powerful yet conservative Sun that shows logic and organizational skills. It is symbolized by the dark inner reaches of the temple and is deep, thoughtful, and introspective. This sun exhibits good endurance and can work hard. Akbal's challenges can be mental rigidity and problems with sharing. This sun does well by establishing secure foundations in whatever it does.
Basic reading of the main glyph (not including the tone) Example of products to buy for this Glyph (click image for the store) Profits support this website.
manik glyph BLUE HAND - MANIK- man eek' - Hand - Manik lives in the world of reason, the mental world. It is the Sun that remembers and transduces information to a more accessible form. It is represented by the heart chakra. Its element is Earth and the Earth is also the planet it is associated with. Manik is a peaceful, generous sun that show skills in cooperative ventures. It can be very artistic and inspiring to others. Manik can be nomadic, outspoken, and quite individualistic, yet it needs companionship. Understandably its challenges involve handling the contradictory needs of personal freedom and relationship security. It finds it does well by learning to become comfortable with its own individuality, no matter how strange that may be.
chuen glyph BLUE MONKEY - CHUEN - chu' wen - Monkey - Chuen operates from the emotional and physic worlds. It is about abundance. This is not exclusive to an abundance of money. It could translate to a general abundance of energy or to an abundance of success or failure. Chuen formulates information and transmits it and it is not by accident that the chakra associated with this Sun is the throat chakra. Its element is Earth and its planet is Venus. Chuen is an attention getter. It will get attention one way or another, may it be by positive or negative means. This Sun can be artistic, clever, and demonstrative. It exhibits multiple interests, is quite communicative, and very curious. It's challenge is to stay with one thing long enough to master it. This sun does well with having many creative outlets and an active social life.
men glyph BLUE EAGLE - MEN- men - Eagle - Men operates from the emotional or physic world. It expresses information that it receives. The chakra associated with this Sun is the crown chakra. It's element is Earth, and its planet is Jupiter. Men is independent and ambitious. Within its independent nature it uses escapism to cope will controlling situations. It is scientific or technically inclined as it exhibits a critical and exacting nature. Men has unique ideas about life. Its challenge is to accept its unusual relationship patterns. It does well when Men cultivates friendships that place high value on personal freedom.
cauac glyph BLUE STORM - CAUAC - k'awak - Storm God - Cauac operates from the spiritual world and the universal heart. It is self-regulating. This means it needs very little from the outside world in order to understand its own process. Cauac is a transmitter. it shares information it has received from other sources, many times nonphysical sources. Its chakra is the root chakra. Its element is Earth and its planet is Pluto. Many Cauac born are Scorpios. Cauac has a presence of youthfulness and can be quite restless. It is a friendly and helpful Sun. Cauac is multi-faceted, a good learner and teacher. It is often drawn to philosophy or religion and shows concern for healing and purification. This sun is challenged to become the healer and does well to study under a master.
men glyph BLUE NIGHT - AKBAL- akbal- Dream - Intuition- Abundance West/blue transforming Mysterious, logical, powerful, conservative, thoughtful, organized, introspective, deep, strength to endure, possibility


GLYPHS of the YELLOW CASTLE (SOUTH) We have learned about the suns of the east, north, and west, and the center of these directions call the equinoxes. We have learned how the directions evolve creation by cycling from the initiating force of the east to the refining energy of the north, to the transforming energy of the west. The Mayan suns that represent these directions cycle in our reality every four days leaving behind a new foundation for the next four, thus continuing to build a evolutionary ladder of spirit and definition. The last of this evolutionary cycle of directions is the Suns of the South. South takes the intentions of the east, north and west and make them bloom. South is a direction of tropical heat and abundant vegetation. It is life giving. South points to one's highest position in life. It is the noon, the summer, an outward direction and is linked with fruitfulness and mature power. The suns of the south, especially Ahau, are idealistic and can ripen what has been started and raise it into full potential within the highest form of manifestation.. Some issues that emerge on South days may manifest as being very emotional, reactive and outspoken. You may find yourself struggling with the rational side of self. Suns of the south can be quite idealistic and yet become disillusioned easily by life when what has been manifested in vision does not flesh out in the physical. In Maya, South is called "Nohol" and is represented by the color Yellow "Kan". The element associated with the South is Fire. These South Suns are "KAN" the seed, "LAMAT" the Venus Star, "EB" the Human, "CIB" the Warrior, and "AHAU" the Solar Lord. Let us take a closer look at these idealistic Suns. Understanding the Mayan Suns of the South
Basic reading of the main glyph (not including the tone) Example of products to buy for this Glyph (click image for the store) Profits support this website.
kan glyph YELLOW SEED - KAN - k'an - Seed - Kan lives by instinct and relates to the world based on the five physical senses. It is the "I", individual consciousness. It is an informer. Kan makes a good networker. It transmits information. The chakra is associated with Kan is the root chakra. It's planet is Jupiter. Kan is interested in leadership and performance. It is active, dynamic, sexual, and influential, with high standards. Kan's issues relate to being a balanced individual, and to mature sexually. Kan finds help with these issues by engaging in artistic or performance related activities and mastering the details involved with these endeavors.
lamat glyph YELLOW STAR - LAMAT - la mat' - Star - Lamat lives by reason and operates out of the mental world. Lamat is the "we", community consciousness. Lamat in essence remembers. It receives through the solar plexus. Lamat is energetic, busy, nervous, clever, and playful. It shows a strong intellect, but can become somewhat paranoid. Lamat likes to fight, but is always reaching to operate out of love. This reflects in the planet it represents which is Venus. Lamat's issues are based in keeping themselves under control in order to finish things. Lamat needs to learning to express feelings and avoid extremes and excesses. Lamat says "Don't make mountains out of mole hills".
eb glyph YELLOW HUMAN - EB - eb - Human - Eb lives by the emotional body and operates out of the physic world. Eb is global consciousness. Eb in essence formulates. It transduces what it receives into a more understandable form. It is ruled by the heart chakra. It associated planet is Earth. Eb is relaxed, courteous, careful and useful. It can be also sensitive, touchy, and easily hurt. Eb is ambitious and hard-working. Eb is challenged to avoid poisoning itself by suppressing anger. Eb needs to express feelings and foster purifying and healing actions.
cib glyph YELLOW WARRIOR - CIB - k'eeb - Cosmic Warrior - Cib is a warrior for Spirit and operates out of Universal heart. Cib is universal consciousness. Eb in essence expresses. It transmits information, and is represented by the throat chakra. Its planet is Saturn. Cib is serious, deep, wise, realistic, and pragmatic. Cib can become hardened to life and is often status conscious. Sometimes Cib allows itself to be dominated by others. Cib's challenge is to overcome self-consciousness and personal insecurities. Cib heals when it excels in its chosen career and lives out of its high standards, and can be comfortable with authority figures with out giving up personal power.
ahau glyph YELLOW SUN - AHAU - a how'- Lord of the Sun - Ahau lives by spirit and operates from universal heart - Ahau is universal consciousness. It is enlightenment and universal fire. Ahau self-regulates meaning it receives what it needs from itself. It is represented by the crown chakra. Its element is fire. Its planet is Pluto Ahau is loving, devoted, artistic, dreamy, and romantic. It can be socially awkward, but is well-intentioned. Ahau in its idealistic nature can become stubborn and uncompromising. Ahau's challenge comes in learning how to handle disappointments due to unrealistic expectations. Ahau heals when it learns to be a good friend and keeps life simple.


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