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Ok without going into too much detail I'm going to use this page to give an over view of the H+ movement, (sometimes called transhumanism or extropy) This a first draft and will become in depth in the future.




What happened to hover cars, intelligent robots and interstellar travel? I've immersed myself in futurist published works and the net resources over the past year. As I began to find people like Vernor Vinge, Nick Bostrom and later Ray Kurzweil, I understood that these future visions had not evaporated they had merely been waiting the advance of a certain seed technologies.

For writers like Ray Kurzweil and others, these crucial technologies are medical bio-scanning advances, nanotechnological research and the advance of computing power as described by Moore’s law.

Many of the early advances will be medical, but all will have an impact on our society. For example, if you’re a woman, you may choose to ignore the ticking biological clock. You might for instance consider having your child in your early 60's with a body and mind that will still be healthy and vital. Personally I'd like to see the end to cancer and diseases that blight society and then on the flip side enjoy the enhancements in culture and entertainment. Immerse films anyone?


As the pace increases, these technologies promise to end and reverse ageing, tackle global hunger, reverse environmental damage and could very well lead to human and artificial Intelligence's pushing beyond what we consider fixed limits today.





Many aspects of this vision of the future scare many people, worry governments and provide great fuel for Hollywood blockbusters.

If you want a good considered primer to the whole host of issues that H+ addresses see this page The James Martin Institute (Oxford Uni) has just held a ground breaking conference drawing scientists, philosophers and futurists from around the world to discuss human enhancement and the future of humanity. They have full streaming videos of the conference over four days, which are well worth the watch.

Of course the major buttock clenching fears surround what is called the singularity. This as quoted from Wikipedia "a theoretical point in the development of a scientific civilisation at which technological progress accelerates into infinity or beyond prediction." To some thinkers this is most likely to happen when an AI (artificial intelligence) becomes conscious and is able learn on its own.


This Singularity is the tipping point, once reached, knowledge and technology beyond our childish dreams will be possible. Of course as every sci-fi fan knows this really means the movie will get more exciting as the "evil" AI tries to squash us all like ants! In the terminator movies it is the government super computer that becomes self aware and decides to wipe us out. Would a ban on these technologies work? Would a government uphold a ban in public, sign a UN charter and in the background continue work unchallenged? I for one support the civilian efforts of the Singularity Institute who are actively attempting to work through ways to create a conscious AI by defining how its initial design parameters have to start out to allow for a friendly and useful partner to humanity and the world.

As a lucid dreamer I'm excited about this future and what it could mean. Lucid dreamers might find that interfacing with such a computer would be very like our own high lucid dreams, all be it, lucid dreams that can be entered an exited at will. We usually get between 2 to 20 minutes in a lucid, immerse virtual reality could give us unlimited time. The H+ future brings a whole host of potential pitfalls and pleasures, its certainly not going to be boring, if you want a say you need to get involved, see the links at the bottom of this page to find out how.

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The James Martin Institute has just held a ground breaking conference drawing scientists, philosophers and futurists from around the world to discuss human enhancement and the future of humanity. They have full streaming videos of the conference over four days, which are well worth the watch.

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