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This page addresses issues about, the Crossroads experiment, my own shared dream, my thoughts about psi/paranormal, scientific proof, why the Crossroads might work, How do I confirm a shared dream?, Shared dreaming resources on the net and also article's and further pages beyond this site . I also apologise in advance, I usually try to make my writing as short and simple as possible (to help non natural English speakers) but it was necessary to become a little more in depth on this page due to its complex subject matter. Alot of speculation on this page but hey its good to speculate.


The Crossroads Experiment

The Crossroads is an investigation into shared dreaming. Maybe investigation would be too strong a word... Playful artistic experiment in the limits of

As lucid dreamers know full well lucidity is one of the most amazing experiences you could have in your life but by its very nature it is a solitary experience. What would make this extra special if you could share this seemingly internal experience with others! Could this be possible?

My own shared dream ~ I wouldn't have even contemplated constructing this site if I didn't suspect that shared dreams were possible. I know of many accounts on internet sites around the world that detail shared dreaming accounts, some descriptions have more proof than others. However it is only my own first hand experience of a shared dream that convinced me it was possible. If like me, you are a bit of a skeptic you'll never fully believe what you read until you achieve it yourself. I'll tell you about my shared dream and you can choose to believe it or not, I can't prove it, I can just let you read it.

The dream ~ I shared a dream with my housemate, a friend of about 5 years. We never talked about dreams and she didn't know of my interest in them. I wasn't going to tell her about my dream in which she had featured. It was she that told me "I had a really strange dream last night and you were in it" as we walked out the door to the pub the next day. However it was only when she started recalling the dream that my jaw literally dropped.

She had dreamed of waking in the middle of the night and feeling fear because of a presence of something in her room. She got up from her bed and rushed down stairs to my room, she banged on the door and shouted my name but the door was locked and she had to return to bed.

In my dream I was woken from sleep in the middle of the night by her banging on my door and shouting my name. This is where our dreams diverge as she found my door locked where as I answered the door. My dream continued with her saying that there was a presence in her room and could I go and check the room. I went upstairs and in the corner of the room sat in a chair was the ghost/spirit of an old woman, although the spirit didn't speak I knew it wasn't harmful so I went downstairs to tell my housemate. Then I woke (middle of the night 3-4am) my heart was racing and it took a long time to get back to sleep. Neither of us were lucid at the time, but my dream was on the verge and very vivid.


My doubts and thoughts ~ Even though I have had what seemed like a very convincing shared dream with my housemate many would say that all "we" experienced was a very rare coincidence. I have one foot in this camp myself as I'd like to think of myself as a rational questioning person who can see the irrationality of sharing the same dream as another person.

white mirror However my rational side has major reasons to doubt itself over the years and this is source of my feeling that shared dreaming could be just as much science fact as lucid dreaming itself. That doubt springs from the "many" odd events that have dogged my life from as far back as I can remember. In the last three years I've tried actively to find rational explanations to them.


Many like my childhood trance like states and visions I can now explain having learnt about lucid states similar to WILDs (waking initiated lucid dreams). Others have no explanation except for the fact they are coincidence and only seem very bizarre because the odds are so long. These are not the coincidence's that are to do with meeting a childhood friend whilst treking through the remote jungels of the amazon or anything. They do have a connection with either harm to me or others or something that you'd class as spiritual.

I'm not about to go into all the details about all the experiences just to say that they fall into two major camps as far as I can tell. I'm not going to detail them all, just say that if everything I've personally experienced that seems unexplained is merely just the result of chance (no matter how remote) then I have been lucky to witness a string of chance events that when combined would make some seriously large odds.

Believe me when I say I have gone through them with a fine tooth comb, taken out those that are to do with a lucid state. Also if I take away the experiences that can not be explained by chance alone I still have a awful lot of experiences that only "rational" explanation is coincidence. The odds of these coincidences on their own, are, in some cases vast, but it is the cumulative odds over the 31 years of my life that shakes my faith in the science that attempts to explain them away, the odds for the whole chain of events is perhaps "too" large, however still, somedays I'm a skeptic and some days I believe.

Science proves the unproveable ~ Although I think that vast swathes of the so called paranormal is nothing but wishful thinking and pyschobabble, I can't disagree with good science. Infact if I believe in anything then I would tend to lean toward the position that eventually science may be able to probe far enough to reveal that what we call the paranormal might have some basis in a understandable universe.

Rupert Sheldrake is one an extreamly few members of the scientific community to actually apply scientific rigor into psi in the modern age. red skywalker


There is a fiery debate raging on the edge of paranormal and scientific reserch, even Princeton's results are under threat. Some feel that the very essence of the paranormal is unable to be probed by scientific study (just as certain natural quantum states are also unable to be studied directly). Others have not given up hope, maybe the collaboration by skeptic scientist Richard Wiseman and believer researcher Marilyn Schlitz's work into the experimenter effect will finally lay some conclusive proof one way or the other at sciences door.

Many researchers have moved beyond scientifically acceptable proof and have concluded that science itself by its very definition is too inflexible to explain psi problems. Is the universe is linked to its sentient inhabitants in a fabric that science had upto now only been considered as pure fiction? The debate is very complex see the links at the bottom of this page for more info. I can recommend Surfing through Hyperspace" ~ by Clifford A. Pickover, The universe in a nutshell ~ by Stephen Hawking as good contemporary science primers. Also check out this PDF Science of the subjective.pdf located at this page for a good starting point on the whole issue.

red moon yellow star blue night

The Crossroads setup~ Without any scientific basis (as I've already pointed out no basis is as yet accepted) I'd like to suggest that what happens when you LD/AP "together" is not a meeting in a real tangible dream/astral world but the minds way of integrating (making some sense) of the information from sleeping telepathy between two or more minds.


This is very much like the operating system of a computer (Windows, Mac OS, Linux) that translates the complex computer system into something that a human can understand and use. The Crossroads is like that OS it gives a space where that telepathy can be given "tangible" form, a meeting space that the mind can accept and recreate in dream "reality". Its hard to say what might cause such a link between people who might in everyday life not have met?

At the Crossroads website I've decided to focus on "desire", making the Crossroads dream space as exciting and interesting a place to visit as possible and also to focus on "weight of numbers", attempting to make the site as well known as possible so that all lucid dreamers are aware of its existence and would hopefully choose to pay us a visit. "Weight of numbers" argues that if 2 or more people have the same intent (reaching the Crossroads) at the same time then it might be more likely that the process by which shared dreaming is possible is given chance to act. This does however mean that such chance is going to rely on a lot of people having the Crossroads in their heads when asleep all at the same time.

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The odds against this are very high, just look at the visitor counter on the above, the number represents the people reading this site when you are. Imagine that these people are dreamers, it might be rare for them to dream of the Crossroads (say 2% of the time) and only half of those might be lucid at the time. I'm sure you can see the problem, lucid dreaming needs to be a far more wide spread activity. Hopefully I can make the site far more popular when all the images are redone and there is far more of interest to do and experience when you reach the Crossroads. (See the news page). Until then hope to see you there :¬)


How do I confirm a shared dream? ~ Many people say ask for the other persons name or phone number, well phone numbers are very difficult to remember in waking life (well they are for me) and it will be doubly difficult in a lucid dream. Another thing is people really don't like giving out personal numbers and names, remember although nothing can ever harm you in a dream, waking reality is a different thing.

1. Say to the other dreamer if they have never heard of the Lucid Crossroads (you might not be there at the time) that you know a way to confirm if you both are having a shared dream.

2. You need to think up a code word and be anything but make it unusual and easy to remember like "Crunchy Cat"

3. Ask the other dreamer to remember the name "Lucid Crossroads," when they wake to search for this name on the net and there will be instructions on what to do.

I had a shared dream and I have a code. What now? Email me the code and if I get another email with the same code I'll ask you both what you want to do next (put you in touch with each other etc).

Although I could be wrong I suspect you don't have to be asleep and dreaming at the same time as the other person so you might get confirmation sometime after your own dream. I would actually expect the two dreamers to have a shared dream on the same night but if its like other unexplained human abilities distance and time have no meaning.

The dream characters of Clem and Glad may also be able to pass on any messages to other travelers. The log book is another good way of leaving your mark at the Crossroads, the book can be found on the reception desk. You can also read the log book to see who has been there before you.

dream log book

Shared dreaming on the net ~ Here are some other resources for shared dreaming.

Mutual dreaming ~ description of shared dreaming experience. I will get more links to shared dreams just give it time.

A shared dream ~ description of a shared dream experience.

Mutual Lucid projects ~ Linda Lane Magallón, M.B.A., is a founder of ASD and author and these are experiences from her site.

Fishbowl forum ~ The dream linking section has a project called "The Dream Wheel" for members to share dreams together.

Dreamofpeace ~ Proposes visits to places in the world (in dream time) like the Pyramids of Egypt or Antarctica etc.

Sea Life Forum ~ active forum shared lucid dreaming and the Mayan dreamspell, its also the home of the Lucid Crossroads and discussion about that is held in the Dreamspace section.


Have you experienced a shared dream?

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Shared and psi dreaming theory by Stephen LaBerge

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Papers and links on paranormal and its reserch


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