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lucid crossroads is changing


I've recently finished all 260 different Mayan starsigns (glyphs) and put them on a some hand picked items, click the image above to go to the shop and click HERE for the Lucid Crossroads mayan page to learn your personal birth sign.



You might have noticed the adverts springing up on the LC recently. I've always resisted adding them to this website but I've done an about turn because I'd like the site to be able to make some money so it can pay for my time to finish the Crossroads. I'd like to do some movies and time consuming new media for the LC and any income that will help me achieve this will be most welcome. I don't have much control over the google ad's but I've carefully picked appropriate products from Amazon, if you buy you help this site. Crossroads store



The new Gee is coming along slowly, Cee to follow soon. These are roughs and the rendering is poor but you sort of get the idea. I'll be blending the old Gee and Cee with real world counterparts to add to the realism, Gee is based on an LA photographer who kindly helped take her portrait numerous times for me to get started.


1. Update the What is lucidity, How to do it, WILD and Astral pages, adding new text and images. *All done apart from redoing the animation for the WILD page.*

2. I want to do an extra page on Transhumanism and the H+ future. Search the net if you have to know right now.

3. I want to sketch the whole of stage3 out so I can get feedback and people can visit and tell me what they find dreamside, to see the textual plans of what the 3rd and final stage is going to look like and have included scroll down this page.

4. Exciting stuff on horizon :¬)


I've just setup the Lucid Crossroads tribe site. This is going to be a place where people can get together who what to discuss the Luicd Crossroads and I can put forward ideas and get some back in return. Its open to all who are intrested, I'll use this page to get feedback for some of the changes I want to make and exciting projects I'm planning for 2005/06.


I'm knackard but phase 2 is finished... well sort of, this page will be changed into Crossroads info mainly about whats to come in phase 3 (the FINAL build of the site and images). Also a quick guide page will soon be up and then other lanugages for the homepage, getting to us, description, downloads and quick guide pages will hopefully be up. Hope you like it all. Btw anyone intrested in where the Lucid Crossroads sprang from see this thread at LD4all, and to see how the site used to look visit the German site.

1st stage ----------------------------------------------------------> 2nd stage -------------------- final stage to come...


Right here are some changes to stage 3. Surrounding the main ring of the Crossroads will be -

1. The Lucid Dojo (will have an outside face lift)

2. A lucid laboratory (sunk into ground) with loads of lucid experiments

3. An Art gallery (sunk into ground) which will have guest exhibitors every few months

4. The Vis Viva bar (sunk into ground) it will be a bit like the bar in Starwars, alien hangout, lots of bands/music

5. The Void, a large hole in the landscape that you can jump in and enjoy the freefall black void

6. The Astral lift that will take you to higher astral planes (NB. that depending on how high you can focus).

7. A double maker, this will create a double of yourself?? I just wanted to, ok.

8. The Akashic Records, the mythical library that holds all knowledge.

Also theres going to be a great reception computer and computer displays built into the tables and a new chill out area near the OB mirror and thats going to have a low holotable where you can call up any dreamers room you ask for and walk into the hologram to get there.

I've also redone many of the pages and have added some specialist pages to the how to section, the WILD page and the Gatekeeper page. I'm currently redoing the science of lucids page and creating a new shared dreaming page, you can check out the new shared dream page HERE.

PROPOSED PHASE 3 OF SITE (final build)

Unfortunately I don't have the free time to do evertthing I want to the Lucid Crossroads all at once so I'm breaking it down into manageable chunks, this is what is planned for the FINAL rebuild..

I will also completely update all the images on the site making them far more realistic and having more of them. The Crossroads will retain its sunny desert feel but I'll also add some images of different weather conditions and some other times of day. I'll also populate the Crossroads far more than I have done in the current version with representations of other dreamers and dream characters to give the feel of the Crossroads as a busy and lively place to visit.

Below are two maps (one large and one close up) with numbers relating to the various new aspects in the landscape. The new features are all geared around people finding it easier to find the Crossroads when lucid and should hopefully trigger lucidity in some circumstances when you find your self in a car etc. Please let me know what you think of the plans as feedback will be very useful and I'm just in the planning stage at the moment.


dream space map

1. There will be a large ocean to the North and shore line for you to swim or sail to the Crossroads, there is a deep water jetty to moor any vessel you might arrive in.

2. In the East there will be sandstone hills out of which come three tunnels carrying a canal, a road and a train track (see 7,8 and 9)

3. In the South East there will be the outskirts of a city with many buildings and roads for those of you wandering around a town or city. {a lensing door will be located here, see 12}

4. A large forest will be located useful for walking out of wooded areas and parks etc, the hills surrounding will be green and rolling. {a lensing door will be located here, see 12}

5. To the West are high snow capped mountains, many cave and mine openings are here. {a lensing door will be located here, see 12}

6. Next to the Crossroads will be located a short airstrip marked out on the desert surface.


crossroads map

7. A straight water (canal) emerges from a tunnel in the Eastern hills and makes its way all the way to the Crossroads.

8. A road also emerges from a tunnel in the Eastern hills, a regular bus will make its way to and from the Crossroads a bus stop being at the Crossroads. Also I'll add a taxi stop and you'll of course be able to ride or drive yourself to us.

9. There will be a small station for you to get off any trains that you have become lucid on.

10. These are stairs down to an underground station like those you would get in any large city.

11. The large mirror will remain to the south of the Crossroads disk but the tree will be replaced with an obelisk

12. There will be 11 dream doors which with the center pool and the large mirror makes 13 direct ways to and from the Crossroads

The 12th door will be called the Lensing Door it will be just a frame and from the Crossroads you will see a either a view of the South East city, the South Forest or the West Mountains, that view will cycle every 60 seconds. The lensing doors from the three directions will have a permanent view of the Crossroads and you can step through the door and step out into the Crossroads and visa versa. This is so you don't have to walk all the way from the city, forest or mountains and risk losing lucidity.

The doors on the original Crossroads were all the same in appearance, opening them you imagined what you wanted to experience. The Crossroads mark 3 will have 11 different dream doors, at the moment I have them as follows but if you think differently please suggest differences. I'm going to choose doors from reality/fantasy/literature etc to model the doors on for example the Historical Dreaming Door might be copied from a real English Castle door etc.

13. The receptionists will still be here but the board behind reception will now be turned into a giant LCD display fed from a computer that will be voice activated so you can leave messages ask questions etc. I'll keep the manual logbook and also add a blackboard and chalk as sometimes in a lucid dream the electronics can be unreliable. Reception will have some great lucid gadgets for you to try out, hover boards, flying surf boards, jet packs etc etc.

14. To the immediate north of the Crossroads space will be a flight of stairs going down into the Lucid Dojo. The Dojo is now finished appart from the downloads page and a few cosmetic changes. To begin with the Lucid Dojo will just be the one room but later on I will add a mediation room and some other marial arts spaces down there.

Doors you can find at the new Crossroads

OTHER DREAM REALMS DOOR - Through this door are other dream projects that others may wish to setup..

SCI-FI & FANTASY DREAM DOOR - Dreams of fiction, films, Tv shows and worlds of the imagination are through this door.

TIME TRAVEL DREAM DOOR - Any space or period in real time history can be found through here either past or future.

ROMANCE & SEXUAL DREAMS DOOR - No explanation needed.

NIGHTMARE DOOR - Many of you might wonder why you'd want to have a lucid nightmare? Well they can be so much fun, her you will find the dark side vampires, werewolves and a whole host of nasties to battle against or flee from or have fun with.

THE ORIGINAL GENERAL DREAMING DOOR - The door from the original Crossroads think about the dream you desire and enter. Good for flying Dreams, or dreams in which you might want to get over a specific phobia etc.

SPIRIT GUIDE (and dreams of religion) DREAM DOOR - This is not a door to step through but a door to open and let your spirit guide or animal guide in to the shared space. (astral gate too)

PREDICTIVE & MAGIC DREAM DOOR - Many people believe in the power of predictive dreaming and though this door you can witness futures. Also where you can work with other extended human abilities.

SELF OR HEALING DREAM DOOR - Meet your dream guide or a dream character that represents a part of your own self so you can quiz them about problems in your life etc, you can also use this door to heal yourself or others, as again some believe this is possible.

TRANSFORMING DOOR - This door has no door in its frame and when you pass through its veil you will transform into animal form.

THE AFTERLIFE DREAM DOOR - Many people dream of those who have passed over either relatives or friends this door allows that access for those who wish it. It is also used for viewing of your own past lives, for people who have an interest in this aspect of altered consciousness



Well actually its the Sea Life forum but the section called Dreamspace is the home of the Lucid Crossroads here you can talk about the Crossroads, mutual dreaming and other shared dreaming locations. Click here for the forum Big thanks to Explora for giving the Crossroads this new space, please join and post if you are trying to reach the Crossroads.

You can also catch up on the rebuild of the site at the Dreamspace section, as I'll be posting images of how its progressing.

Lucid science lab in planning stage submissions welcome

To the south behind the mirror a lucid science lab is going to be constructed. It will have a couple of beds to wake up in, the floor will be a black and white checker of certain size to check the consistency of dream dimentions etc. If you have any suggestions for experiment equipment and apparatus please let me know.


An art space is being considered for planning permission to the east of the Crossroads, this will slightly change the position on the planned runway but most of the art space will be located beneth the desert surface so the changes shouldn't be dramatic. Although originally dreamt up as a fine art space for conceptual lucid art it might be a place for all the arts the space able to shift size to accomodate the grand to the modest. I will try to get a famous name in there to launch it, check back for opening times.

The Lucid Crossroads has expanded! Martial artists happy

Click left to visit the Lucid Dojo a specially created area for lucid martial arts. You can also get to it via the Lucid Crossroads description pages which have been updated to include this new addtion to the dream space..


site map
Click here to see a summery of the whole site (so you can see if your interested in lucid dreaming or not (its all completely free by the way) its also the Lucid Crossroads site map.


If you have any comments about the site Email the Crossroads using the email address in this box.

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