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the gatekeeper


Ok this technique is based on an combination of different techniques that have worked for me over the years but it is most firmly based on WILD and Buddhist clear light practices. The technique can be activated from a normal nights dream but is more likely to be achieved through WILD.

The gatekeeper is 24/7 mediator, day after day, month after month his mind is deeply submerged in state of Zen emptiness. The only flicker of consciousness is a supremely heightened awareness that search's for dreaming/astral minds that wish to push through the barrier between normal and lucid states of consciousness.

Follow the steps below to meet the gatekeeper and move onward to the Lucid Crossroads.

gatekeeper meditation

1. You need to clear a hole in your day, about 1-2hrs, go for a time when you wake or afternoon after you've eaten.

2. Light a joss stick (good quality) Sandalwood or something spiritual. You can use an oil burner but you'll have to make sure it's safe for an hour or two. This is not just to smell nice but lets the mind know its time for an altered state.

3. Put on some a CD or play music through your computer. The music's volume should be set to be as even as possible with the noise you might experience in your chosen room. I use a looped a Hemi-sync mp3 called theta that just sounds like speaker hiss gradually moving in a wave form, this is suppose to produce theta waves in the brain (works for me). Use nothing with singing and nothing with a massively variable beat, basically nothing to make you tap your feet. Those mood CD's will do if you can't get anything else, try here for Free Hemi-sync Music Downloads.


4. Lay down, get comfy, warm but not enough to send you fast asleep too quickly. Have a note book (or dream diary) to hand, a book and a print out of this and some of the other Crossroads pages.

5. Read your book, make sure you've chosen something that is a reasonable challenge to read (e.g. "Surfing through Hyperspace" by Clifford A. Pickover or "Hypnogogia" by Andreas Mavromatis) and not just an easy to read and get into novel.

6. After a while when your mind wanders pick up this page and some of the others describing the Crossroads, read the words on the page and look at the images contained within them.


7. Keep going back to your book till you've had enough. Now pick this page up again, read from the top and when you get down to the multiple images of the gatekeepers head really look. He's just sat there slowly breathing in a black velvety void. From his right his face is illuminated by a soft gentle light, notice the quality of that light Look at its slight reflected bounce that happens when the light comes off the blue robe and is absorbed by his skin. Remember the structure of his face, the peaceful look in his closed eyes.

8. Now put down the page, close your eyes but carry on remembering the page. You don't have to have an image of the page infact I want you need to banish concentration, excitement and all thoughts apart from what you remember of my words on this page. Remember the blue of the page, the graphic at the top showing the Crossroads logo and the navigation buttons below. Slow start to recall the words on this page and especially remember the images of the gatekeeper. Keep going do not focus on any hynagogic images just keep recalling the page.

9. What happens next will be either one of three things either you will sleep and dream (when you wake write your dreams in the dream diary). Or your mind will wake and think of other things like "why can't I do this", "nothing is happening" etc. and you'll be unable to carry on or...... (you need to cultivate a Zen like mind see the links at the bottom of this page).

10. OR.... the images of the gatekeeper you were imagining all of a sudden you've just realised that its not imagination anymore he's there right infront of you! Those who have got into a deeper state will have become aware directly in the physical space where the gatekeeper sits. Others will be seeing a very very realistic image of the gatekeeper in front of you but it will seem like you are looking at a cinema screen. When you look hard at the gatekeeper in this altered state its is very likely his eyes will flick open and he will wake from his mediation. Put out your arm grab the gatekeeper and your bodily form will be there in the same space.


He won't speak much but he will get up and open a door in the void behind him, light will spill from this opening, welcome to the Lucid Crossroads, your now one of a select few that have successfully made the journey

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Right click over the image left and choose download target file. This is a very short animation of the gatekeepers head that you can download and play on a loop. Its hardly an animation at all as it just shows him breathing and the camera only moves slightly to give an impression of the 3-D structure of his face. I'd recommend it though as its will help visualise the impression that I'm trying to conjure up in your mind.

The file is a 1.33MB zip file that contains a short avi film of the monk breathing.

gatekeeper animation

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