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Shared lucid dreams and dreams where you are searching for another dreamer



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This page is devoted to shared dreaming, dream linking, mutual dreaming or any other experience were you suspect you have had a shared experience, preferably lucid, whilst asleep. I will post here accounts of your shared dreams that you had with others you know as well as dream/lucid dreams that you "suspect" may have included another real dreamer. Although it can be hard to tell a dreamer from a dream character (DC), you'll find that most DC's can be very unintelligent and dim witted, look out for those that have that realness about their speech and actions.


If shared dreaming is a reality you might have to jog the dreamer out of normal dreaming and into a lucid dream with you, demonstrate an impossible act (like flying) and get them to admit that its not possible unless this is a dream. A DC who is actually a dreamer could vanish from your dream at anytime (wake up), try and say something like search for the Lucid Crossroads on the web before they have chance to vanish. Contact me by email with your story.





Click left for a page addressing issues about, the Crossroads experiment, my own shared dream, thoughts about psi/paranormal, scientific proof, why the Crossroads might work and how do I confirm a shared dream?

Here you can read some lucid dreams and descriptions of lucid experiences. Most accounts are from posts at various lucid forums, I've added the posters name next to the account and a link to the forum. To the right are some lucid dream abbreviations that people may use.

AP = Astral Projection, DC = Dream Character, DILD = Dream-Initiated Lucid Dream, FA = False Awakening, IRL = In Real Life, IWL = In Waking Life, LD = Lucid Dream, MILD = Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreams, NDE = Near Death Experience, RC = Reality Check, SP = Sleep Paralysis, WILD = Wake-Initiated Lucid Dreams

15/01/2005 Meeting at Walmart? (if you regonise sharing this dream you can contact me and I'll get in touch with the other person for you)

I had a really vivid dream about someone last night, & i think that i might have had a shared dream. i didn't know how else to get this out so I'm just going to put some stuff down here. I take my dreams very seriously, & i would really like some help. I don't have any "codes" or anything, because i wasn't lucid until after he left. unfortunately I don't have any names either. only a description.

It was of an exceptionally attractive guy. he had black hair, cut really short, almost like a burr, but slightly longer. his face was very defined & I'm not sure but he might have had a piercing on his eyebrow. he had a shadow of facial hair. I don't know how old he was but I think he was somewhere between 18 & maybe 21. his nose was fairly large with a hump & he had a rather chizzled jaw i guess i could say. he dressed all in black & i think he looked kind of gothic, that or a skater, I'm not sure. most importantly, he seemed to be interested in clay animation. I remember walking through Walmart all through the course of the dream. he seemed to talk about clay animation a lot.

21/09/2004 Meeting someone in a dream? I'm putting this dream from a dreamer called seeker who met a character in a dream that he suspects "might" have been another dreamer rather than a dream character. I think Seeker has kept some dream details out of this account so anyone who thinks it could have been them in the dream email the Lucid Crossroads and I'll pass on your info.

Seeker - I do not know who you are, but you are female, in your 20's with medium length brown hair and last night I introduced you to lucid dreaming.

My dream started out as is often the case with me driving my car. There was a brown haired woman next to me. We hit a cliff and were flung about 100 feet up in the air (dreamsign).

I immediately became lucid and disolved the car. We were then standing in a line. I turned around and spoke to you "You realize that what just happened could not be real, right?"

You were startled a little bit and said "Hey, you are right". I explained to you that this was a lucid dream, that is a dream you have where you know you are dreaming.

A look of comprehension appeared on your face. I then told you "Watch what you can do in a lucid dream" and then levitated about 3 feet off he floor. "You try it now" I said to you. You strained for a little bit and was able to levitate about 6 inches from the ground.

A huge smile crossed your face. "I want you to remember this when you wake up" You smiled and then disappeared.


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lucid learning This is your first stop if you've never been lucid before, even if you are a regular lucid dreamer there might be some interesting tips here. This section contains the science behind lucid dreaming and speculation over Astral Projection. Its also very visual techniques normally only described in text have been illustrated to gain some clarity. You can also find descriptions of lucid dreams and all about what we are try to do with the Crossroads and how shared lucid dreaming can work.
crossroads description Here we will visually and textually illustrate what the Crossroads looks like when you dream and stimulate your mind into remembering all you see so you can visit the Crossroads when lucid.
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