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Here you can read some lucid dreams and descriptions of lucid experiences. Most accounts are from posts at various lucid forums, I've added the posters name next to the account and a link to the forum. To the right are some lucid dream abbreviations that people may use.

AP = Astral Projection, DC = Dream Character, DILD = Dream-Initiated Lucid Dream, FA = False Awakening, IRL = In Real Life, IWL = In Waking Life, LD = Lucid Dream, MILD = Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreams, NDE = Near Death Experience, RC = Reality Check, SP = Sleep Paralysis, WILD = Wake-Initiated Lucid Dreams

The most amazing/profound vistas you have ever experienced topic at the Dream views forum

Serinanth - Ok so heres the deal, I want you guys to recount some of the most amazing vistas you have ever seen and experienced in the dream world.

I remember this one like it were yesterday It was so beautiful, pristine, perfect. A coastal community, the shore consisting of high cliffs, and many protected harbours, the villages had been carved into the rock and some docks were even in caves, no storm could ever make the people of this place worry.

The villages and towns, and the city were all perced above on the high cliffs, the lower villages on the water had acces through tunnels, and starways carved into the rock... In tha main harbor, HUNDREDS of vessels, all of them sleek and beautiful, they cut through the water like ..... like?..... the water itself was so calm, the but ships and boats, they all cut through it like they were flying, many of the vessels had a trimaran design, 3 hulled ships massive sails, no engines... heh who needed them.

But in the center of this massive protected bay, was a statue... It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen, carved of marble, inlayed with jems and gold and platinum, a mermaid, sitting on a rock holding an up pointed trident, her hair gold the trident silvery her scales a miraid of irridecent colors... and this was no small statue.. she was probably around the size of lady liberty... I would have to say though that this was one of the most visually stunning things I have ever seen....

Seeker - The most beautiful: Was at a lakeside resort. The water was very clear, however since it was a freshwater lake, a little bigger than a pond, you couldn't see the bottom. The sunlight glinted off of the small waves. All around one side of the lake, large piers had been build and held many small shops.


It was a warm spring day and many people were just walking around, browsing through the shops and eating icecream. Everyone had on colorful shirts and shorts. The breeze was warm and had the smells of food and flowers. I walked out of a restroom into this scene and became instantly lucid. I was amazed at the richness of the scene and just walked around. I could feel the weight of my body in my tennis shoes, I could feel the breeze blowing my hair, I could feel the warmthness of the sun on my face. This happened almost five years ago, and yet I can still remember all of these details....

evangel - The most beautiful scene/scenes that I've seen have to be flying through iradescent gas clouds and nebulas in outer space. The colors were beyond derscription... (majestic?) -bright oranges, golds, glowing blues, and other metallic colors like bronze, silver, and reds The wonder of seeing colorful spiral galaxies and pulsing stars and being totally serene while flying in such a setting is probably part of what made it so beautiful, too, I suppose.

MOON Aphius - The most amazing/profound thing i've ever seen was this enormous cafe in the middle of this huge town where you had to swim around to get everywhere. There were canals and channels to get around and there was overpasses and such for other uses. Anyway, back to the cafe. This place was huge! inside it there were cascading waterfalls coming from the roof and there were counters with bars behind them and shelves filled with all sorts of odd things that were for eating and drinking. The roof was really high and was held up by huge textured columns! There were also small tunnels with water running through them so that you could hop in one and end up in another part of the cafe! Also to top it off this cafe was run by MerPeople! So there were all sorts of fish people and other creatures laughing and having fun.... It was awesome!


Jonny - The most beautiful thing I've ever seen was when I had a dream I was at a lake side. There were three swans sitting on the lake; these swans were a kind of colour you get when you put petrol in water, the purple yellow effect. The setting was silent but I was consumed by the beauty of these swans, and I was the happiest man alive when I awoke

ShadowNightWing - Well one of the most beautiful dream scenearies that I've ever seen, was within this huge city with skyscapers of all different designs the buildings were made of crystals and glass finishings with radiant colors as I looked around they seem to just spawn up right before my eyes. the city was inside a huge dome and that dome seemed to be floating in the ocean. Now the amazing thing was, was that there was nothing around but beautiful water with this Domed City directly in the middle. The City was alive with people doing there everyday things and I was just browsing checking out the scene from high above in first persons. I never noticed any vehicles or anything but one thing that shocked me was the Dual System this place was obviously located within One of the Suns were just about the distance of ours from Earth. The other was very prominent but further away. and it Was bright Blusih Green. Guess thats the reason for the Dome. Protection from rays.

phantasy - I can't think of a scene, but of a voice. I had a dream I had this lovely blue and white parakeet. I would poke at its breast, it would hop on my finger and I would tell it to read Quranic verses for me. This was during Ramadan, the month of fasting. It had the most beautiful voice for reading Quran. It was a man's very handsome, clear, strong voice. I would become enraptured by it. It gives me goosebumps just thinking about the voice, although I can't recall what it sounded like anymore.

Blissful - I was in an all white home that was on a hill with windows all around it (windows from the floor to the ceiling) so there was Lots of natural sunlight coming through. The weather was a mild 70 degrees and my home faced a field of apple trees (I love the smell of apples in the fall in New England) and there was a nice breeze carrying the smell of apples right to me. I was on the phone with my best friend telling her how beautiful everything was and I turned around and there was the lake (although I would prefer an ocean, the lake really represented the calm I was feeling in my life at that time).  

Lucid sky topic at the Ld4all Forum

Trung Of Wu - The sky is soooo beautiful in dreams. That is something I definately suggest you do on your first ld. It's so simple. It does not involve much concentration, perfect for your first non-3-second ld. Just look to the sky. The one that I saw was a pink and blue/navy sky with a strange pattern of clouds that was just so surreal...

mystic - Yes I always try to notice the sky when I'm LDing. Last night I saw a perfect deep-blue sky which was mirrored onto a street. Quite beautifull! Some other wonderful skies I've seen: - A very dark stormy sky with one small gap. In it I saw a very bright white light. I tried to fly through it but it didn't work..

During a HH I suddenly found myself on top of a big hill, watching a sky with thousands of small cushion-like purple clouds. Now thát was truly overwhelming!

A normal blue sky but slowly a weather front with deep red-black clouds came over.

One also began with a normal blue sky, but after a while truly pitch black thunderclouds came over. After this, the whole sky was filled with HUGE clouds shaped like a snail's shell. This was só beautiful. I stared at them for quite some time to absorb its beauty as much as possible, but as a result of my gazing I woke up..

At dawn I noticed some glow in the east. I jumped into the air to see what it was: an enormous sun with lots of colours (red-orange-yellow-green). Its size really scared me off. - On several other occasions I noticed two suns or two moons or some planets in the sky.

WaNnAbE - Once in an LD I just started floating upwards, towards the sky. It felt sooo cool. The weird thing was that I couldn't help it, it was like gravity had been reversed just for me or something.And I floated all the way through several layers of cirrus-type clouds (cirrus are the swirly light ones, yeah?) and then I hit something. I stood up on it, except that I was upside down (because of the whole weird gravity thing). It was like a massive rubber sheet with clouds painted on it. So I walked around for a while on this big rubber sheet. It was like a trampoline, sort of. But then I woke up.


Dm7 - The sky is full with electric glowing blue clouds. They are raging, but yet peaceful at the same time. The lightenings dance around through the clouds and the earth. I'm flying and I'm surprised that I don't get hit by one of them yet. I watch it in amazement. So animated and alive. It was soooo beautiful. I can't stress it enough! It's amazing, awesome, groovy, cool, and much more!

Moonhunter - So I had a LD this morning, and after a bit of fooling around, I remembered my priority: to look at the sky. I expected to see some beatiful colors and patterns, so I walked to a window and looked outside. Boy did I get dissapointed. The sky looked exatly like in RL. A normal blue sky, with some boring clouds. Is this normal? I mean, I even expected it to be beautiful, and not a normal boring sky.

However, there was also a lake outside, and the sight of the lake really made up for the sky. The water had a beautiful dark purple color and was really fantastic to look at. I have seen a lake like this in a ND too. So, is it normal to have a "boring sky" in a LD, and have anyone else experienced unusual water in their dreams? Or am I just very odd?

saddleback - For some reason, usually when I go lucid it's at night. I'd say 90% of my dreams or more occur at night... Any body else have mostly night dreams? So when I look at the sky it's like this swirling navy blue and purple cloud... lots of stars.

No Poetic Device - yeah, my first LD i looked into the sky. there were pinks, violets, blues, black... so many colors just glowing from the clouds. i proceeded to fly up into the sky and get an aerial view of my town before waking... amazing dream, and a memorable 1st lucid.

Topic: Flying into earth's core at The Fishbowl Dream Forum

suzana - I dreamed I was in charge of an organized outing involving convicts who had made purchases, which they contained in blue plastic bags. The bags spilled during transport in the back of a van, and all the treasures got mixed up together, and I had to sort them all out. They appeared to be cheap tourist's trinkets, but I believed them to be very valuable to their owners -- maybe even valuable to those who might want to steal them.

One bag that I sort contains a pinata and some Mexican pottery. A check my list of convicts' names, and note that the bag must belong to a man named Sanchez. A mean, threatening man questions the futility of my effort and tries to steal some of the objects, but I shoo him away and persevere, sorting out the bags of objects.

At some point I become conscious that I'm dreaming. We're parked at a motel on a busy street. I notice that behind the building, some of the convicts are stealing the blue bags from a conveyer built. At this point, I think: I'm dreaming, so I can do whatever I want. So I trap a convict in the back of the van, which puts the larceny attempt to an end. Feeling a little omnipotent -- again, conscious that I'm dreaming -- I walk down the street and think to myself -- someone on the fishbowl suggested I try walking through a wall -- so I did.

At that point, I immediately started hurtling through the earth at lightning speed. I'm not afraid; I'm exhilirated. I'm flying rapidly toward the center of the earth. The textures and colors (mostly browns) of the earth's walls around me are vivid and mesmerizing. At one point I consciously think, these images are so vivid, I think I could see them with my eyes open -- at which point, I open my eyes (I'm not sure if I REALLY opened my eyes, but it sure seemed like I did) and still I saw the beautiful textures of the earth before my eyes. I closed my eyes and continued my thrilling descent. Then a telemarketer called and woke me up.

Dazzling Details & Sensory Stuff at the Lucidity Institute Forum

Reverie - Yes, it's great to experience the senses in lucid dreams, and marvel at it all while it's happening. I remember one striking lucid dream where I found myself in a little room with an open window... an icy blast of air was blowing in towards Dream-Me, yet I could feel the hot blast of air coming from a room-heater directly behind me.I marvelled at the convincing sensory realism of this event for some time while it happened. Neither the cold nor the heat were correlated with anything happening in my real bedroom.

As for food, I find it problematic as well. I have experienced food-taste in dreams, but it's usually different than what my dream-self is eating! I may go back into my journals and look for references to this sort of thing.

My all-time favorite sensory details in lucid dreams are: the gentle flow of air around me as I am flying, and the accurately shifting visual perspective of trees, buildings, and what have you as seen from above. The latter in particular never ceases to amaze me. As a real-time constant-refresh dream visual, it's truly impressive, and leads me to speculate that visual perspective follows a built-in algorithm in our brains.

Peter - The scenery and its details are in constant flux, running the sensation gamut from gray fuzzy universes to small cluttered rooms stacked with bright touchable objects. It is uncanny how accurate things can get. I had a dream last week where I was wandering through a decrepit house and was overwhelmed by the smell of its rotting wood. When I’m lucid, I do get a kick out of the accurate images I’m conjuring for all of my senses (except maybe taste when lucid I can’t seem to get things to have any flavor).

Reverie - Many of my most striking lucid dreams over the years have been of flying over amazingly detailed science-fiction cities that look like they've been created by George Lucas and a team of expert animators. All I can say is, everywhere I look in these dreams, there is incredible detail and outrageous production value. And it's amazing to me that the imagery shifts in apparently realistic perspective, being churned out as I fly overhead. Talk about multi-tasking!

Peter - I needed transportation and a little muscle, so I thought of a freight engine (go figure!). Sure enough, I then found myself beside a track with a huge mass of black and yellow steel bearing down on me -- okay, here comes the dazzling sensory part! -- I let the engine roar past me. Its power and wind nearly knocked me over, but I managed to jump and get my right hand around a ladder so I could climb aboard the engine. When I grabbed the ladder its steel was palpably cold and slapped my open palm with all the force I would imagine an engine moving at twenty m.p.h. or so might pack. It was also slightly greasy, and its black paint was thick, with a few chips exposing bare steel. I climbed aboard and, with tears welling in my eyes from the wind, I was able to stagger along the tiny (but convenient) catwalk to the engine’s empty cab.

I later drove (and controlling a freight locomotive without benefit of tracks or a steering wheel was a real lesson in dream logic for me!) the engine into the house from the earlier dream and totally shocked those previously abandoned dream characters -- and lost my lucidity for the effort -- but the important part was how phenomenally real the textures and sounds of that engine were. The feel of that ladder in my palm absolutely awed me. I even swung in the wind for an extra instant, unwilling to separate myself from the sensation that ladder provided, and the amazement that my mind had gone to the trouble to cause it.


Trying to find the Lucid Metro by Xandra ~ Xandra who's also setup this site's visual chat space (see links page) also told me about a very similar experiment to the Lucid Crossroads. It is called the Lucid Metro and was an idea created by Ian Wilson. Although the Lucid Metro was an idea and not a visually represented environment, the concept of the place was passed on by Ian to other dreamers in order to meet up in dreams. I'm currently posting Ian, and hopefully he might let me have other accounts of the Lucid Metro, but anyway here's Xandra's account of a near miss.

My first experience in attempting to locate Lucid Metro was rather interesting. I was dreaming that I was on a bus and there were a few people on the bus with me. After a few reality checks (to be certain I was dreaming) I felt the dream become more solid around me; pretty much what always happens as I start to become lucid.

The other people were standard commuter types, with the exception of an older man dressed in a dark brown overcoat -- he had that "homeless" look to him, grizzled and smelled of cheap wine. I remembered Ian's experiment and asked the driver about Lucid Metro. He was was no help. He was a faceless mannequin. So I tried to force him to change by willing it, but nothing happened. Odd. Usually when I commandeer a dream and become lucid, I control all symbolic aspects. Not so in this case. I got the impression that it was no longer solely my own dream.

I looked around at the commuters and it dawned on me that they were actually *there*. I asked them for the way to Lucid Metro but they didn't seem to comprehend what I was asking. Their eyes were slightly glazed over. Lost in their own dreams....Some may have been riding a bus, others a plane, others in a car. You could be sure they weren't seeing *me* either, but perhaps their boss, or mother, or friend. In any case, they weren't lucid. Oh well. No help there. Then, a flash of red caught the corner of my eye. (A bit of background: Red has always been my dream symbol for "pay attention".)

The old man had pulled a piece of paper from the breast pocket of his coat and was looking at it. I felt slight vertigo as Lucidity started to slip. Fighting the urge to awaken, I concentrated on remaining and gave the dream a moment to solidify again. I waited for the rest of the bus and it's occupants to fall into movie grade black and white as is standard in my dreams when red appears. As it did, I looked at the old man carefully. He wasn't reading the red piece of paper, which I saw now was nothing more than a raffle ticket of sorts... but he was looking directly at me.

Apparently he had been for some time. When I caught his eyes, I saw they were clear and very blue. So blue in fact that other than the red, they were the only bright color on the bus. With this realization, I witnessed normal color being restored to the dream... and the images were much sharper than before. Although the man still wore the long brown duster, it was no longer crumpled and dirty, and he no longer looked old.

Dream view vs. Lucid view. The man motioned me over and asked what this Lucid Metro was. I told him about the newsgroup and the supposed gathering place of lucid dreamers and he smiled. "Oh, okay, I see now. It is a dream name that does not mean as much here as it does there. You seek the City." I nodded. "Look for this," he said and with that, he drew a symbol in the air. The symbol seemed to be made of electricity and hovered in blue light for a second before it filtered out. I recognized it instantly. It appeared as four vertical lines with small circles at each top. The outside two were connected by a curved line at the bottom. The center two by a curved line slightly lower.

The man smiled briefly, leaned back, pulled his hat over his eyes and was suddenly the old man again. The bus came to a few stops along the trip, dream people getting on and off, but at one stop, I noticed the bus stop sign had the same symbol on it that the man had drawn in the air. Reality check... I looked away from the sign, and looked back. Even though the letters on the sign changed each time I looked at it (a pretty normal occurrence in dreams. The first time it said Aetheria, the second time it said Eternia) -- the symbol remained the same. I looked back to the old man but he was already getting up and heading for the door. I followed him off the bus.....


Lucid Nightmare by Me (Russell) ~ Just like your average dream you sometimes get a nightmare. In fact many people like lucid nightmares so much they actively try to seek them. Nothing can hurt you of course but as my lucid dream shows it certainly doesn't stop you being terrified.

In a normal dream I stood outside a house that was supposed to be my own. My mum was just leaving through the painted green gate (I haven't lived at home for 15 years but thats dreams for yer) and I was outside in my night clothes. The sky was a deep midnight blue with stars and a full moon. I thought "I'm dreaming" and immediately I was in the dream breathing (you don't really have to breathe; your bodies automatic functions take care of that) the night air.

I suddenly became aware that I hadn't got my keys and I was locked out, I called to my mum leaning over the gate but by then she was out of sight, then I heard a growl. My body tensed and a gripping fear swept over my body. The growl came from the bushes behind me it was very loud and I knew whatever it was could out run me, had a hell of alot of teeth and was huge.

The growling continued and I tried to reason with myself that it was a dream and I would be fine but my body moved on auto pilot and I tried to jump the gate. I couldn't manage it as my body felt like jelly and the air I was moving through seemed like concrete. I turned round remembering I could do karate and in the dream world this could make short work of whatever this was (I had the picture of a very big werewolf in my mind). I still couldn't shake the terrified feeling but I began shouting "come on then". The words came out in a croak then before the creature had a chance to pounce I woke.

I woke in my bed in a bit of a sweat but immediately wanted to get back in which I tried to do but couldn't manage! Rats! I can recommend lucid nightmares, though it's a bit like a roller coaster ride; scares you but its is harmless fun.

Family home lucid by Kristina ~ I took a nap and often I can go lucid during a nap. I had several dreams, woke up a little in between, and on the last one, I made sure to say "I'm dreaming" as I drifted back in. I was in my childhood house, fully lucid!!! My family was there, in their rooms just relaxing and watching TV. I walked through the house by myself, just checking stuff out.

MAYAN SEED When I became lucid I had a carton of ice cream in my hand, so I put it back into the freezer and remarked to myself that it was a side-by-side refrigerator just as I had remembered. I picked up a piece of ice and threw it in the sink, just for fun. I even tried to look for the kitchen floor tile that was backwards (didn't find it though). I was so totally conscious, I even took a deep breath so I could remember the smell of the house! I looked down at the brown carpet and even saw my own feet (rare in a dream). I went to my room, laid on the bed, and thought, this is heaven! To be fully aware and in my old room! I even picked up a magazine and started to read it, but I thought "this is a boring thing to waste a lucid dream on!" The dream ended at this point. Oddly, I was also aware of my current room and the sound of the A/C in the window and the birds outside.

Searching for a dreamguide by Traumgänger ~ Ok this is an LD in which I tried to meet my "dream guide" was 16 year old German pupil. Some people think of dreamguides as higher spirits who can give you advice in your travels but like many lucid dreamers I thought of a dream guide as a representative of my subconscious.

The "normal" dreams starts in a huge building, there is a trade fair with a yoga theme. I look around, there are lots of vendors but I don´t always recognize what they sell. I also see some of my classmates, I don´t feel like talking to them, however some of them remind me of a math test I have to sit the next day the "real life." I look at my watch its 10:37pm. I hurry on cause I need to get enough rest to have full concentration for the next day.

I leave the building and walk down the street. Doing so, I think "Hmmm,it was interesting to dream about a trade fair.... wait,the trade fair was only a dream?" "I didn´t wake up when I left the building, did I?" "I must still be in the dream!" I look around, at first everything is normal, then suddenly my vision begins to change .I look at a road sign, its red color seems suddenly much more intense. Its the type of feeling when you put on someone else's glasses that are a little bit too strong for your eyes, or like the feeling when someone who normally doesn´t smoke gets a lot of nicotine at once? This is similar to the feeling that washed over me when I became lucid but nothing can fully describe the feeling. The thing is its not just your vision but also your thoughts. My mind thought I was awake and in "normal reality" then suddenly you realize your dreaming. In your heart you are sure you know what´s real and what´s not, now however you must to admit you were wrong. This can be a very strong feeling, as if your view of life suddenly is turned on it head. It certainly is a nice kind of thrill though.

I want to move, but then suddenly the area I can see narrows, like it does when you are very drunk. One of my legs is stiff and I stumble around almost unable to move properly. Fortunately, after perhaps 15 seconds this also stops and I regain control again. This isn't to say it feels like "real life" as everything still seems a bit surreal. I remember what I wanted to do when I got lucid so I call (in my mind) for my dreamguide. I walk down the street quickly and soon find a man standing there. I am a bit frightened, what if the lucid dream turns out to be a nightmare and this man wants to do me harm...? I ask him "Are you my dreamguide?" The man doesn´t respond but smiles in a friendly way and takes me by the hand (which seemed perfectly normal at the time). Now I calm down and I'm happy that I found my guide. My level of clarity has increased and I am now on what lucid dreamers call "high-level-lucidity" that is I'm completely aware of what I want to do and everything around me.

Unfortunately that high level slips and what follows is low level lucidity where I sometimes forget that I am dreaming and forget what I wanted to do this is why some of the questions I ask next are so odd.

My DG (DreamGuide) leads me to a small room,he calls it "his studio". There is a girl sitting around,a bit older than me I start talking to her:

Me: "Why is your studio so small?"

Girl: "Because we could not afford a bigger one"

Me: "Isn´t there endless space around here?"

Girl: "No"

Me: "What happens if you slaughter an animal in this world?"

Girl: "Then it moves over to the waking-world"

After that I lose lucidity almost completely and my DG shows me how to throw fireballs like in the computergame Diablo. I think that he is teaching me how to use my dreaming skills. After a while somehow reach high level lucidity again and suddenly its absolutely clear that I am dreaming again and I know about what I wanted to do. My DG says that I am going to wake up soon. I ask him, "Do you think I could try to do an OBE (out of body experience) in the time that is left?" It´s said that you leave your physical body and I wanted to try it, I ask him only cause I wanted to know how I feel about it in my own subconscious. He answers: "No, don´t try to do any of these two things yet" That doesn´t really make sense since I only asked about one thing, not about two.

My DG was right though as 30-60 seconds after he told me that I am going to wake up I really left the dream.

At the Lucid Crossroads Traumgänger could hopefully have had time to become fully lucid and then opened a door to either meet his dream guide or let him in. Traumgänger can be mainly found on the ld4all Forum


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