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How to reach us at the Lucid Crossroads - Although you don't need to have already had a lucid dream or astral projection to reach us at the Crossroads, you do need to enter one of those states to make the visit. If you need to learn how to lucid dream, go to the quick guide page. After you learn to become lucid it is important to use this site to load your mind up with the images and descriptions of the "real" (dream) space of the Crossroads.



Watch for lucid triggers ~ After you read this paragraph your mind will remember that you are looking out for hints, triggers in your dreams that will fire up your brain and make you realise that:- one, you are dreaming and so will become lucid; and two, you want to visit the Lucid Crossroads. Look out for anything associated with the Crossroads, especially doors, the desert, the colours blue and red, mirrors, Persian carpets and materials like blue slate etc. A sign might be a physical door or a blue person, or it could be symbols on a signpost or painted on the floor, like the dreaming head that you can see on the Crossroads reception desk.

For those lucid dreamers with good control, the easiest way of getting to the Crossroads is to simply transport there. For those not familiar with transporting, close your eyes for a few seconds when lucid. Now imagine the sun on your face, the blue sky and the image of the Crossroads space. When you open your eyes you should have transported to the Crossroads. Don't be too discouraged if this technique doesn't work first time, it is harder than it sounds!

crossroads badge

The Crossroads badge - These badges will help the minds of those not able to transport by willpower alone. Try reaching into your pocket or putting your hand behind your back, open your hand and hopefully you'll have a small metallic badge with the words ‘lucid crossroads’ etched on. Tap the badge twice and in a blinding flash you'll transport right into the Crossroads (these badges can also be found at the reception desk at the Crossroads).

The Dream Doors ~ The Crossroads has ten dream doors used for accessing the lucid dream of your choice. They can work in the opposite way as well, allowing you access to the Lucid Crossroads from your dream. Walk up to a door in your lucid dream, pause for a second and imagine the Lucid Crossroads bathed in sunshine beyond. Open the door and you should be there. Go to the downloads page for a way of making an image of your own house front door open with a view of the Crossroads through it.

Lucid travel ~ If you've already become lucid in your dream, you could try and fly to us. Say you are in a local park, take off from the park and fly high into the clouds so the ground is obscured by cloud. Now look for a break in the clouds, and as you come through the opening you'll start to see the Crossroads appear.



The air will be warm and the sun will be shining, this will be your view as you swoop down to land.






Pool and Mirror ~ The doors aren't the only openings into the Crossroads lucid space. The Mirror and the central pool are both used by lucid dreamers to leave their body and astral project, and both can be used as entrances to the Crossroads.


The pool can be found if you’re underwater. It won’t work in open water so try to find a cave or enclosed reef and make for openings in the roof that have light streaming through them.



This is the view as you climb out of the pool. Water can sometimes interfere with lucid vision but just wipe the water from your eyes and you'll be able to see properly again.


Mirrors make good portals for lucid dreamers and astral projectors. Many people report very odd reflections of themselves (body distortions) in mirrors, so don't be shocked by what you see. To use a mirror to transport to the Crossroads, push one arm through the mirror and feel for the warmth of the sun on your skin on the other side. If you can feel that sun, step through and you'll be faced with this view on the right.






The Dojo Doors ~ finally there are the doors in the Lucid Dojo. There are four doors in the North, East, South and West walls. If you find yourself there you can walk upstairs into the sun and to the Crossroads.





Description 1 - Click left to read page 1 in a description of what it can be like to visit the Lucid Crossroads whilst lucid. Here we will visually and textually illustrate the Crossroads stimulating your mind into remembering all you see so you can visit when lucid.

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