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Quick Guide to Lucidity



What is a lucid dream? The short answer is any dream in which you become aware that you are actually having a dream. The required altered state of consciousness can also be cultivated by meditation techniques and forms of awake to lucid practice.



Lucidity can range from low to high levels. With low level lucidity, you’re just taking things in but not really processing them properly. High level lucidity means your brain is far more switched on and connected, you have full memory recall and you feel bright and in control, and it may feel more real than normal consciousness. Astral projection occurs when the light body (astral body or spirit) can separate from the body and travel in the astral planes, unlike lucid dreaming it is not scientifically accepted, you'll have to explore and make your own mind up on that one.

  Lucid dreaming can seem indistinguishable from waking reality. There are no limits to what you can do when lucid. You might find you gain extra abilities, like flying, or that real life weaknesses, such as short sightedness, do not exist in the dream world. Full control in the dream world is what all lucid dreamers aspire to. This is not easy but it’s one of the things that the Crossroads makes easier with its dream doors. Anyone can lucid dream, but some take longer than others to achieve lucidity.
Your body is asleep and paralyzed but in your brain your mind is bright and awake and awareness in now in your brains own created dream world. When we talk about a high lucid dream its almost impossible to describe. The images on this site cannot capture the feeling, the best adrenaline pumping music video or hollywood can't do it justice, today's best computers with fully virtual reality can't come close. The only system with enough power to recreate the experience is your own brain.

Many people search for their spirit guide or dream character, who represents their own mind. Lucid dream characters are created and controlled by parts of your brain that you do not have access to, they act independently of your conscious free will and they seem to have a life of their own.


Dream/spirit guides can tap into your deepest feelings and thoughts, even those that you might not be conscious of. Remember, when you lucid dream, any character is part of you mind and may be interrogated to learn something of yourself. There are, however, massive differences between lucid characters and what can be achieved in interaction with them. Try shouting out something like ‘I want to meet my guide, show yourself,’ they could very well appear behind you.

How to get lucid: The good thing is you’re already halfway there. Just reading about lucidity can make you lucid when you sleep. You need to train your mind to improve your dreaming recall. Set your alarm an hour before you normally get up, this should interrupt a dream. Keep a dream diary, which is one of the best ways of becoming lucid.

Develop everyday awareness, look above and below your normal eye level, examine objects and scenes in more detail, and eventually this more questioning gaze will follow you into your dreams.

Reality checks are essential, many lucid dreamers use techniques like looking at their hands during the day and asking ‘Am I dreaming?’ Another good way is to print out the Lucid Crossroads images, put them on your wall, read the text and look at the images.

Dream signs or dream themes will become noticeable through your dream diary. Once yours has been identified, all you need to do is perform a reality check every time you the sign in the waking world.

Intent is very important in lucid dreaming. Before you sleep, repeat the phrase that you will become lucid and you will do whatever you’ve decided to do when lucid.

Resting is also an essential part of becoming lucid. This will happen naturally as lucid dreams seem to have a cycle in their frequency. Try spending two weeks focussing on getting lucid, using the dream diary, reality checks and intent, then two weeks of resting, just keeping a rough dream diary. All new lucid dreamers should practice one of the techniques below a few times a month.


This method is know by a few different names and they all have some variations, heres the classic technique.

If you recollect a dream when you wake, try to recall as much of it as possible. Now return to sleep, remembering your intent. Imagine how the dream would have continued. Once dreaming, look at the details like you would do in reality, or focus on the people in your dream scene. Once you become lucid, there are some tricks to help remain focussed and increase lucidity. Movement: Running or spinning on the spot can really help focus lucidity. No talking: Try telepathy instead. Clarity: Say something in your mind like ‘Increase lucidity NOW!’ Look at your hands: Or any object, really focussing on the details. Crossroads: You can ask the receptionists to help you increase lucidity, and the Crossroads is a calm place where you can deepen lucidity before departing to your own particular lucid dream.


Write your dream diary and look for patterns like dream signs.

Observe everyday life closely.

Reality checks a couple of times a day.

Read all you can about lucid dreaming.

Find the technique that works for you (look on this site and the net) try one at least a few times a month.

Rest, getting your lucid dreaming into a cycle that fits with your lifestyle.

Getting to us - Click left for directions to the calm and tranquil space that is the Lucid Crossroads.

lucid learning

Here you can find an expanded page about what a lucid dream actually is. The page goes onto describe just how real a lucid dream can be, it describes the levels of lucidity and go onto to recount how your first lucid dream might feel like. You'll also find out what you can do when you are lucid (anything), find out anyone can do it and look into any safety issues.

how its done page Click left for a more detailed look at methods to get you lucid, also has links to full pages about WILD and Gatekeeper techniques!
science of lucids This section is used to explain a little more about the science and history behind lucid dreaming as well as talking about dream guides and what they are.


astral projection page Way way before the term lucid dreaming was coined people have been "leaving" their bodies and traveling the universe and beyond. Is it just a very high lucid dream? Learn about this controversial subject that exists on the fringes of science and study.
crossroads guides The Lucid Crossroads Guides and Sleep Paralysis. This page details the phenomenon known as old hag and also teaches you how to turn this nightmare to your advantage in order to summon a Lucid Crossroads guide.

This page addresses issues about, the Crossroads experiment, my own shared dream, thoughts about psi/paranormal, scientific proof, why the Crossroads might work and how do I confirm a shared dream?



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