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crossroads description


How to reach us - The best and perhaps easiest way of getting to the crossroads is to simply dream of being there. If you've read enough about the crossroads and looked at images from this site daily then hopefully the you will begin to dream about being there. Now all you have to do is remember that everytime you think about the crossroads or see its picture you have to perform a reality test.


If you are at the crossroads in your dream you should become lucid easily, especially with a big sign behind the reception reminding you to check if you are dreaming!

looking at the reception

distance areil view

Lucid travel ~ If you've already become lucid in your dream, you could try and fly to us. Say you are in a local park take off from the park and fly high into the clouds so the ground is obscured. When you come back down from the clouds imagine the crossroads in the distance on a flat desert like plane the Lucid Dojo nearby, and it should be there.

The air will be warm and the sun will be shining, a few hot air balloons bob gently in the breeze and you can use them to navigate to the crossroads.


On foot - Many people cannot seem to master flight when lucid so either create a flying gizmo that will help you or you'll have to walk. To walk I'd suggest closing your dream eyes and imagining the image below of the crossroads just a short distance away.

walking to the crossroads.

crossroads badge

Transporting - People who have really good dream control whilst lucid will of course be able to instantly materialize to the heart of the crossroads.

If you don't have such controllable lucids yet try reaching into your pocket or putting your hand behind your back, open your hand and you'll have a small metallic badge with the words lucid crossroads etched on. Tap the badge twice and in a blinding flash you'll transport right into the Crossroads (these badges can also be found at the reception).

entering doorcrossroads mirrorcrossroads pool

Door, Mirror or Water - If you've become lucid in an interior with doors getting here is easy, simply open the door and walk out from one of the red painted doors that circle the crossroads. Same with the mirrors, see a mirror in a lucid dream and as you walk though it imagine coming out of the large mirror facing the reception.


The pool or well in the center of the crossroads can be visualized from beneath as you swim up through water as a hole in the surface with light streaming down from above.

crossroads reception


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