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crossroads reception


Reporting in to Reception - Clem raises a hand to you as you stroll over and says "Welcome to the Crossroads," the blue skinned female called Glad smiles "we are the helpers who care for the Crossroads," she takes her hands out from behind her back and absent mindedly begins to buff her nails. "Oh!" The buffing stops for a second "it would be of great help to the Crossroads project if we could have your name for the reception log book."

. dream receptionists


dream log book

Clem leans forward over the receptions smooth orange top "you or any other traveler who visits us may view the log at anytime and see the names of traveler's who have passed through the crossroads". "if you can't read the log we can recite it for you" chirps Glad, she also hands you a glass of something that looks like a large crystal goblet of white wine, "yes it's wine would you prefer some other type of refreshment traveler?" "You don't always have to speak aloud to us" Clem says "as all minds are linked whilst at the Crossroads", Glad smiles again and Clem amuses himself by making her hair turn from red to green then back again.

The receptionists explain that they can point you to the door way that contains the lucid dream that you want to enjoy. They can also supply any equipment you may need for your travels, you just have to ask. "You may also leave a message at the reception for any of the other travelers who might pass through," points out Clem stretches out a palm containing a small metallic badge with the words "Lucid Crossroads" etched into the surface. "This badge" says Clem "can transport you back here instantly, just tap it twice and think of the Crossroads". "Be warned though it's quite a rush transporting like that". Both receptionists turn to each other and laugh. The badge attaches to your clothing automatically and without a pin, turning away from the giggling receptionists you notice the lounge area properly for the first time.

. lucid crossroads badge

lounge lucid dream area

The lounge area

At either end of a giant Persian rug two huge sofas face each other. They are finished in a wonderful mahogany that shines in the midday sun. They are upholstered in some sort of ergonomic blue space age material that forms itself to your body when you lower yourself onto the nearest sofa.


Between the two sofas are two matching tables, you run your finger over its pitted rusty surface and it bobs slightly as if supported on air, a quick glance under the opposite table reveals that they are truly floating on thin air! On both tables are sheets of paper and a green empty pot.

. dream table

"Bamth!" from a small puff of smoke Glad appears perched cross-legged on the table in front of you "the paper is for messages or symbols you might wish to leave for other travelers." "Bamth" she disappears and reappears behind the reception desk, Clem raises a disapproving eyebrow and she smiles sweetly back at him.

You notice that there aren't any pens or pencils "just say pen and one will appear in the green pot on the table traveler," Glad shouts "crayons" and a dozen assorted wax crayons spill out of the pot and roll of the table and onto the carpet.

Leaving the crayons to slowly melt into the Persian rug you wonder what you want to do now? Should you survey the Crossroads from the air? Or should you check out that new building you noticed behind the reception sign.


crossroads from the air Click left on the text for the next page in the description, you take to the air....

looking at the dojo Or investigate the Lucid Dojo that sits next to the Crossroads disk....


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