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Welcome to the Lucid Crossroads

This is no ordinary website about Lucid Dreaming but the Hub of the whole dream world for you to experience and explore and share the same dream space with others at the Lucid Crossroads!

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What's your fantasy.......? What fills your dreams.......?

Have you ever wanted to duel it out with Darth Vader wielding your lightsabre with the skill to put Yoda to shame? How about flying through the air like Superman, lazing on a cloud for a while before zooming down low over a broad river skimming above its surface and watching your fingers send arcs of spray as you trail them in the water.

Na? Just want to get naked with that tasty but unreachable screen idol?

Well dreams can be fun but "Lucid Dreams"........ lucid dreams can be as "real" as, or "more" real, than the life your experiencing at the moment!


Getting to us - Click left for directions to the calm and tranquil space that is the Lucid Crossroads.

Description 1 - Click left to read page 1 in a description of what it can be like to visit the Lucid Crossroads whilst lucid. Here we will visually and textually illustrate the Crossroads stimulating your mind into remembering all you see when visit us in lucidity.

Description 2 - Click left to see and read page 2 about what it can be like to visit the Lucid Crossroads whilst lucid.

Description 3 - Click left to see and read page 3 about what it can be like to visit the Lucid Crossroads whilst lucid.

Click here for the Downloads Page - this page has Crossroads wallpaper screen savers etc.

This translated site is a small farction of the most important parts of the English site, click left if you want to explore the English version.

The site was Created on 15/07/2002 at 20:21 GMT but dreamed up a few months before.

Last updated ~ 08/09/04 (Big thanks to all who have helped in the Crossroads creation)

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